I dont get how the German Mig 23 is at 9.7 without flares or air to air missles.
Everything is faces has some sort of air to air missle, and this lacks the ability to surivive at top teir, you cant get close to an enemy jet becuase they will just fire a missle and then your sent to the hanger

Because it’s strike aircraft at 9.7 with 11.0 fighter frame

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Ummm, yea, that jet is meant to be used in GRB, not so much for ARB. Welcome to kill Ai targets in ARB but, thats mainly there for spading the jet and prepare it to use for Ground RB. Only thing to watch out for are SAMs, but depends if enemy has one up. Look at it as purely a bomber like Arado.

It’s in a weird place. It’s one of those planes meant to be used as a strike platform in ground battles rather than a fighter. It’s in an awkward position because if they put it higher than 9.7, it faces insane 11.0s and will see 10.7s more commonly, if they put it lower than 9.3 it will body 8.3s with its speed, and at 9.7 it’s too fast for 8.7s and 9.0s to be able to do anything, but still gets bodied by anything with missiles better than an AIM-9E.

The aircraft is far too fast to be below 9.7. Learn to work with what you have, rather than concentrating on what you don’t have. War is not balanced.

Can you go ahead and look at the russian tree (or even the other MiG-23 in the German tree) and tell me what BR those are? Only meant for OP