Balance the su17M4/su22M4

Make the su17M4 (in russian tech) 10.7, same for the german su22M4. This aircraft has a very bad performance in top tier, like i would rather take mig 27M than the su17 because mig 27M has way better speed, loudouts and uses one of best targeting cameras to detect ground targets. the german su22M4 is just the same as su17, but the germans have no mig27 which means they cant play anything else than su22 or a fighter jet. I sometimes rather take tornado IDS Marineflieger than su22M4.
im a nice guy so i wont mention the stock grind.

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uses one of best targeting cameras to detect ground targets

You’re confusing the MiG-27M for the MiG-27K. The M model and the Su-17M4 & Su-22M4 have the same targeting method.
They’re balanced in comparison to eachother. The 27 has better maneuverability and speed, but the Su17 & Su22 have more weaponry.

Don’t you think R60M and R60 could have the same BR?

Man, the MiG-27M is flying SL pinata at 11.0.
Absolutely useless, no radar, starts with ONLY 2x R-13Ms.
Not even that good of a bomb loadout.
Constantly faces AIM-7Fs, which you cant do nothing about.
50% of the time you get shotdown before you can even reach the batllefield, because EVERYTHING is better than you.
Literally everything.

I really don’t see what you’re saying, because R-13M is a very good missile (Comparable to the 9J), 2500 kg bombs isn’t too bad, it’s easy to deal with 7F, IR missiles aren’t a problem either because 72x flares. if you know some decent maneuvers you can dog fight (with team support)

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All its problem could be fixed if it got its historical loudout of i think 6 r73s the proof is on wiki its br would make sense just like the j8b its has 6 pythons i think the su17 with pythons would balance it theyre almost the same br just move it up to 11.3

Wikipedia is not proof.