Balance SPAA / CAS , and maps

Hello !

I’m playing continously french top tier SPAA to grind them since severals days (and also because I like to do my best to clear the sky, so my tanks teammates don’t have to bother about CAS and enjoy the game).
And my opinion at the moment is that the balance is slightly in favor of CAS.

Of course, most of the time, best SPAAs (Ito90m, Pantsir, …) are very effective.
BUT! Let’s take into account also that most of CAS players at top tier are good, to very good (obiously, it’s top tier). When they use their aircrafts at best, they are almost untouchable (if not untouchable at all).

Few example :

  • Fast jetfighters able to shoot missiles or bombs (if flying very high) before they fly inside your NEZ.
    Some will tell me “well, shoot earlier”. Yes, thank you, but in that case, you reveal your position (then the good pilot will have time to lock and shoot an agm65 for example), and your missile will reach its target with less speed and the fighter will easily avoid it.
  • Attack helicopters with long range missiles will pop up over the hill, shoot, and disapear. You will try your chance by shooting your missile, but except if he climbed too high, the helicopter just go down to dodge, has spotted you, and you will be his next target.

Finally, one of the main issue I discovered, is the maps design. For too many of them, there is a huge lack of protection for SPAA and it’s very very hard to find effective cover against tanks AND aircrafts.
For example on the map Mozdok, you can’t move out of the spawn without taking a huge risk of being sniped, and there is zero protection in or near the spawn.
And I am not talking about the many games where ennemies will reach the spawn and easily kill you, as you have nothing to hide.

To conclude, my objective opinion is that something should be done on at least one of those 2 points (power of CAS or map design). I mean, if new map designs give the possibility for SPAA to easily take a cover behind a house to avoid the missiles coming from an untouchable helicopter, it’s would be already great. It looks fair too be because it rewards only good SPAA players who are going to be able to keep a good situation awarness of the sky (and those who are not careful will be destroyed).

Feel free to share your opinion, or share some tips to be more effective with spaa.
My very personal opinion is that there should be a ground ONLY battle mode.

Last little thing, but important, aircrafts shouldn’t be able to hit you with a GBU or the gun, when they are destroyed (burning and spinning with one wing missing). That little thing is quite ridiculous… x)


1 on all maps there are places for anti-aircraft guns. You need to be a professional anti-aircraft gunner to know this and use it skillfully.
2. The physics of the planes in this game is a little too funny. You need to come to terms with this and take it into account. Shot down planes need to be finished off to the end.

  1. Take also into account that ITO90m is big and tall. There is some map where it’s very hard or impossible to cover/hide from CAS and tanks in the same times (mozdok for example).

  2. Yes I understand that WT is closer from arcade game than simulator. But to make sure, I was talking about destroyed aircrafts, not the critical hits.

I note that with the new 2X20 de français on this “mozdok” you can easily massacre all the planes.
The plane needs to be hit until it falls into pieces.

Loosing a whole wing is not considered as “falling into piecese”? ^^
For the ability to aim with the gun, it’s due to the mouse controls. The computer make all the correction, making it quite easy to aim, while it would be extremely hard with a joystick control for example.
For the GBU it’s the TGP which is still able to stay perfectly align on the target. This ability could be just removed when the aircrafts is considered as destroyed.

Idk the whole “there is a beast deep inside you, it will not die” scenario is a pretty cool part of war thunder, even if it is a bit frustrating to be on the receiving end.

Most of the urban maps there is hardly any cover, think of abandoned town or factory, advance of the Rhine, Ardennes, Sweden and American Desert (there is no shortage of CQC maps in WT). These maps hardly offer any cover, with Ardennes and Abandoned town being the worst examples.

Large top tier SPAA have no choice but to stay still in the crowded spawn zone, and this is a major flaw in the Gaijin’s map design, which obviously never accounted for top tier SPAA gameplay.

Like some have proposed, Gaijin has to extend the playing field behind friendly lines to allow these vehicles to roam freely with enough cover to hide and counter CAS ordinance.