Baker Zebra! Writing the dialog for crew voices! Feedback welcome

Previous patch the US voice set was released, and now you get submarine action!

It started a year ago, a surprise request while I was working on the USS Texas (still working on details). Little did I know i was in over my head in figuring out what was said on ship!

Some things I could find published and uploaded on the internet, some things I knew about, and some things came from movies which I then cross checked with published sources for veracity. And some things I could not find anywhere.

I also decided on 2 goals
To make the US dialog as different as UK
Work best with the way the game worked, mainly in short message as possible.

I was not involved with who will speak the dialog, or the directing, or how it is activated on game, but on hearing them I would make a couple of changes but am overall good with the results.

Feed back welcome, if something you do not like, please offer your suggest.


Fun fact the USS Texas is the New York Class Dreadnought meaning it is the pride of both Texas and New York. New York is in origin but Texas where she resides.