BAe Sea Harrier - Technical data and discussion

not this?

That is the CRL without the BOL attachment, the BOL attachment is taken from the BOL-304 which is a modified LAU-7A. The CRL/BOL combo will look like the CRL with the BOL-304 attachment at the end;

it seems i get it wrong because of this

The loadout and functionality is ready;

Highlights from the changelog entry:
New unused aircraft loadouts:

  • Sea Harrier F.A. Mk. 2 – 2x AIM-120B + BOL countermeasures

But only the standard CRL model is ready and the CRL/BOL is still WiP.

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what will happen on its hud?can we confirm it will change to the right hud instead of the gr3 hud

Its been reported, but I don’t know about any of the “if/whens” about it.


And still no idea about the wrongly implemented flight path markers and attitude/horizon lines behavior of HUDs?

Got a report for me to look at?

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It’s actually a general issue: not a single HUD has a working FPM in WT, sadly.

I’ll pm you a list gladly, however! = )

While ppl are asking stuff, is the radar MFD display final? It has a different scan bar and contact icons but afaik there should be more differences


Here’s the radar scope displayed on the right-hand MFD

Displays from the manual;



Do you know if there’s work being done on the FA.2 (and I suppose F.3 as well) MFDs then or are they planning to leave it as it is now?

Edit: would MAP mode only include the radar or would it also have RWR/DL contacts?

Not the kind of info I can share, you’d need to ask a CM.

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Who else wants to chip in to buy Gunjob a ticket to Gaijin HQ so he can wave the documents in their face so they can fix the HUD?


Not sure how that will help haha, but you can always buy me a coffee should you feel generous, link to the page is on my youtube videos. :)

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Wave documents? Im thinking a large, heavy poking stick :P

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No, no, just forces them to consume Heinz beens and Heinz beens only, while they are forced to stick in the office during update season. force them to suffer, and remember why they are suffering.

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well that doesn’t seem right

Edit: maybe the missiles will render in game 3


SHar porn for you all.


Suggestion in for NAS 809 Squadron Skin for the Sea Harrier FRS1e