BAe Sea Harrier - Technical data and discussion

The issue I’m going to mainly have is 9Ls still being trash, and F5s and their absurdly low IR signature.

Hoping it’ll be worth it for the FA2 though.

Maps definitely need making larger for AMRAAM carriers.

Those EC maps need to become the standard size at the top BR ranges.

Also hope the FA2 gets 9Ms

FA2 should have 9Ms and Aim-120Bs. but Im guessing its going to be more like 12.0/12.3 so wont have to worry about F5s.

Though it entirely depends on how good ARH really are. If the FA2 can be lower than that. it would be awesome. But im doubting below 11.7

Grinding with the FRS.1 means poor 9L performance and hoards of F5s though ((

Ah… yeah, its a pain in ARB, but not in SB :P

Mig-21s. Su-25s, Su-22s, etc. They all eat 9Ls quite happily

Might have to dabble in SB.

Larger map, so more 1 on 1 encounters. Radar to ambush people and actual carriers to take-off and land on. Ive been having a total blast recently

Even nearly managed to do a VIFF break check on a mirage (slam the nozzles to the breaking stop and then do a barrel roll). Would have gotten the Mirage with a 9L if my throttle hadnt decided to break on me (now fixed)

so you’re looking at 4 ASRAAMs (early blks) and 2 AMRAAM Bs?


That would be the best loadout possible yes.


Do they have to be mirrored or could you go gun + 2 AMRAAM + 2 Sidewinder?

ASRAAM can be used on the Shar?

What that reads to me is:

  • 2 “No High Altitude flying” sticks
  • and 4 “Turn harder” rockets

The copium could be strong with this one heehee

or just 6x “You dare enter my airspace”

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ASRAAM can be used on anything with a LAU-7A rail.



It came up in the R&R Thread. Was anything ever found with regards to the Sea Harrier FA2 being cleared or tested with Aim-120Cs?


I’ve not seen it use anything other than AIM-120B


The service dates for the 120C5 and the out of service dates for FA.2 are very close, its pretty slim that FA.2 tested them. I tried my best to find any proof but didn’t turn up anything which is why I removed it from the OP.


Thank you both