BAe Harrier II (UK versions) - Technical data and discussion

Just new horrors from having no RWR in addition to no countermeasures

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I dont know about RWR, but it should have cm afaik

the av8b gets such better loadouts for bombs than the gr7 its not fair :(

also 9m is shite

Blame the cheapskates at the MoD or in the British Parliment

I’m having a blast with it

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Gr.7 feels as good as it did on release :)

Aim-9M have fixed another minor pet peave/QoL issue for me. It counts as 4 missiles, not 2x2. That was kinda annoying


Yeah because of the seeker logic when flares are present you don’t fire them in the same way you would a 9L. They are particularly deadly in deflection and high speed head ons.
If a target is already in a hard turn it will clap them.

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True, it is a very annoying thing while using weapon sellector, and it cant be changed due to how the game is programmed, or so they said on bug report.

and the AV8B doesn’t get extra flare launchers does it? not fair :(

Do they actually integrated Brimstones on it?

Don’t think so, the BOL-304 was only in use with the Italian Air Force on their leased Tornado ADV’s and that’s purely because they’re leased from the RAF.

Interesting to see Alarms shown with a Harrier.

This is a Harrier Gr7

Fairly certain they could carry 18

Different angle that’s been posted before. Higher resolution though. I’ll add it to my alarm suggestion cheers.

So if there’s any footage where GR.9 fires them, like in situation with tornado?


theres a pic of one carrying them. I dont know if there is any clip of them being fired, but the Harriers I think were retired before they got a chance to use them.

Brimstone was cleared for use on the Harrier GR.9:

Andrew Rosindell: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence whether the Harrier aircraft had the capability to carry (a) Brimstone and (b) Storm Shadow missiles on 12 May 2011. [66656]

Nick Harvey: [holding answer 18 July 2011]: The Harrier aircraft was withdrawn from service on 15 December 2010. Prior to its withdrawal, it had an operational emergency clearance to operate Baseline Brimstone. In order for the Harrier to use Dual Mode Seeker Brimstone, we would have had to extend the provision for the weapon and conduct a full trials programme on Harrier. Although capable of carrying Storm Shadow, Harrier was not cleared to do so when it was withdrawn from service.

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Someone posted this in the old forum.

The same aircraft is in the thumbnail of this video, but I couldn’t find it throughout the documentary.

So gr9 with Brims 1, no Brims 2 and no SS :/