BAe Harrier II (UK versions) - Technical data and discussion

Just reading the bit about the Tornado pod there, and seems I miscounted.
It has 8 TACDS magazines (as stated in the brochure for Tornado) instead of 5, since the three sections in the middle are 2x magazines next to each other, rather than single magazines like I initially thought they were.
So 8x30=240 countermeasures for the MCP-H

Now that is a nice find for the Tornado GR.4 to go with its BOZ-107 and 2xBOL rails.

Excuse me, You guess dev buff Harrier GR.7 consider add AGM-65E/G Maverick & AIM-9L/i after Q2 this year ?

I can’t see Li or M coming to the GR7 at this stage. But I will check on the G2 Maverick as the D is/was supposed to be a place holder.

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As the -65F & -65G are effectively interchangeable, and unless they reimplement Contrast Seekers properly, none of the advanced versions provide a relevant change, as they impact the logic controlling the various handoff steps.

They may well be being held back for other aircraft as there are a number of missing airframes that could make good use of them(A-6E WSCI / SWIP, F-111D /-E / -F etc.), and with the way the HEAT warhead is modeled on the earlier variants the GPHE charge would be a massive step up in terms of lethality in exchange for missile count since they won’t revise penetration(should be somewhere between 1300mm and 1500mm flat penetration, not the 830mm it is in game) or add overpressure since it is a 57kg, ~300mm diameter HEAT charge.
AGM-65Charge diameters

Also did the Harrier weapons manual ever cover the explosive mass / TnTe of the HE warhead design, its known that the all up mass was 300lb, but the actual explosive mass I don’t think was mentioned.


220lb of steel and 80lb of explosive.


So I guess Harrier GR.9A with AIM-9L/i & AIM-9M sidewinder, AGM-65G-2/AGM-65K Maverick, GBU-48/GBU-49/GBU-50 Enhanced Paveway II, Brimstone I and Enhanced paveway III

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Now that I can actually post again: good job finding those images @da12thmonkey & @Gunjob


From the book Fox Two Details & Markings No. 02, BAE Systems Harrier II - The Harrier GR.9 and T.12 in the 21th Century by Andy Donovan & Nick Greenall, published by AirDOC


Looks like it gives front aspect MAWS as well.

Front, rear and bottom aspect for MAWS I believe. There’s a downward-facing AAR-57 sensor on the rear end, so a total of 5 MAW sensors

Tornado version has an additional upward-facing one as well (i.e. 6 in total) so nearly full spherical coverage. But obviously that additional sensor would be useless on the Harrier variant since it’s stowed under the fuselage, where the Tornado pod is clear of the wing leading-edge

That paired with the doppler MAWS on the tail, 1000 CMs and ECM should make the GR9 a massive pain to shoot down.

This diagram implies there are 5 slots for countermeasure deepeners:

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Going off this photo each slot can potentially hold 60 flares, so that’s 300 total:

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Yeah there are 5 slots which is why I miscounted them at first.
But reading the Terma brochure and seeing closer photos it becomes clear that the 3 slots along the length of the pod hold 2x ACMDS magazines each like you show in the 2nd photo, while the forward firing slots hold single ACMDS magazines (visible in the Fox Two page I posted).
In effect there are 4 dispenser segments to the pod, and each segment carries 2 magazines. So 8 magazines in total for the pod, and up to 30 countermeasures per magazine - which is what the brochure states

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Missed the photos showing the front. Seems the GR.9 will get 940 countermeasures then:

  • 60 from internal dispensers
  • 640 from BOL dispensers
  • 240 TERMA pod
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I need this, Gaijin plz…

Could cluster bombs actually have a use in game? maybe as an Anti base weapon because the individual impacts of the explosives would already deal quite a bit of damage due to the fact that rocket impacts can destroy bases with alot less explosive mass than bombs, so maybe as an alternative for destroying bases? it would make sense as we have GBU specially for hitting tanks, and the normal/high drag bombs could be more multipurpose and then the cluster munitions could be specially for bases?

Could cluster bombs actually have a use in game?

147 HEAT warheads, each with 220 mm penetration, raining down on an area will probably do some decent damage to tanks in the area.

Oh i thought they where just HE. Even so, probably great against bases too

Then times that by 12 for Tornado GR.1 and you’ve got a huge area of death.

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