Bad implementation of Artillery teamkill issues

Is it me or does bad implementation of game mechanic get expensive to the player too often? I dropped artillery on a group of enemy tanks, yet a fast friendly tank drove up point blank to them 10 seconds later and got teamkilled due to a dumb move. How should it cost me 20k SL when the player caused his own death?

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There is very little way programmatically that they can tell what is an accidental or intentional fragging. They have that “apologize/forgive” mechanic, but it doesn’t seem to work for me. Its either super brief or I don’t see it pop up at all.
Putting some kind of “appeal” system in where you can quibble is also probably not practical, as they would probably be flooded with them.

I hear ya though. I got a TK in ARB tonight, and I had no idea why until I looked back at the replay and several minutes earlier someone had flown into my fire. And all of my GRB TKs have been someone driving into my artillery. War is a dangerous bizness.

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There is nothing to be done about this. Most players are absolutely convinced that allied artillery does not cause damage.

Does it actually work? I had an accidental TK, press T to request forgive and the other guy did, but I still received a 21k penalty.

Can anyone from the dev side actually explain how it functions?

i personally see it happen too many times where team mates dont think about placing their artillery. you cant anticipate team mates behavior as well. they drive into your artillery call, thats just a random act. you need to remind yourself this game runs on an engine thats over 10 years old. after 10 years of developing this game, it shows its wear and tear. dont ask gaijin to do more than what they are capable of.

So the forgiveness mechanic works like this: Say you teamkill another plane in Air RB, that player gets a free repair on the lost plane(paid by you in the penalty), you pay the penalty, and you can ask for forgiveness and they can accept your apology to signify it wasn’t intentional. In terms of ground vehicles I would assume it is the same. My understanding is that the apology mechanic is supposed to help prevent teamkill bans for unintentional teamkills, but I’m not 100 percent sure on that.

That makes sense now, it’s just unfortunate they didn’t explain it fully as I assumed you didn’t incur the penalty also.

Yea, it can be confusing. If you are the teamkiller, you incur a penalty regardless of forgiveness. If you are the teamkilled your repair costs are not charged for that death.