Bad game mechanics

This is how bad the mechanics are in this game when a missile can hit the ground and not blow up and then blow your tank up this terrible game mechanics when you all know the missile should have blew up when it hit the ground instead of instead of my tank

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I am not sure if you opened this thread as a kind of “collective thread” for bad game mechanics. If this was your aim you can add two more bad game mechanics to your list:

  1. You get charged with your own repair cost and a teamkilling fee if somebody ramms you intentionally - the game counts you as crashed and the rammer is marked as a teamkilling victim. One of the biggest jokes in the game. Btw - this problem in Air RB is known for more than a year - you will find dozens of bug reports describing this issue, gaijin has done nothing.

  2. The game function “no active players left” is broken on some maps after a certain time period. There is a timer active checking if the last player is just sitting on the runway (idk 90 or 100 seconds) but this timer is broken. You find also here dozens of bug reports describing the timer is sometimes just not working, so as soon as you touch the runway the game gets lost without a timer. Zero reaction by gaijin to these reports…

There was a thread explaining this on the old forum. Basically you have the map you drive on and then there is the deformation map which has no hit boxes. This is the mapping used to make track and tire tread marks on the ground. The deformation map can be shot through by anything. HEAT HE APDS AP APCBC will all go through it. Everything will. When you turn graphics down it makes it disappear which gives you a significant advantage if you are not used to using binoculars.

And this here is where its a bad mechanic and such things should not be in game Same with Tree slider that remove objects like fences and walls from 3rd person view while not zoomed in.

Okay, but to what range should they render? some people prefer long range rendering so they can stay hidden in bushes across the entire map, but then low end pc players will suffer, or if the set range is too close, many people will complain and then people who create cinematics will also complain because the view in distnace looks bad. Just let it be a slider, its the best option.

You can just make them 2d ugly bitmaps/sprites like in old times Not remove them completely or even better make MM that actually take into account pc specs/in game graphics settings - and lock graphics setting in the match to avoid exploiting of them after game start. So ULQ lovers would play with ULQ ppl etc so everyone have same chances not artificially boosted by low graphics.