Bad game mechanics 2

I want War Thunder to explain it to me how you can see through trees in a KA- 50 I can’t do it but boy other people sure can in this game I want War Thunder to explain to me how this is BS happens and it
shouldn’t happen it’s just like radar cannot see through building trees with leaves they block the signal from the Radar it’s just like a building blocks radar they are solid objects well the same goes for trees with leaves and brush radar cannot go through. Well anyway getting back to the subject and in a KA-50 you have to have line of sight to hit the target it has to be in your crosshairs in order for that missile to hit its Target all I know it’s not right and it’s unfair in this game and they need to fix it right? Here’s some pictures they’re worth 1000 words

It’s called cheating using an aimbot but Gaijin doesn’t seem to think it’s a problem.