Bad controll in SIM mode

I play a lot in sim mode with the WT and the DCS too.
I have a F16 and MiG29 in the WT and the DCS too…
So my problem is the unrealistic and pathetic controll with the Gen4 fighters. The planes always get a flatspin when i try any hard turns… I remember the “sim controll” its pretty good maybe 2-3 month ago. What happened? Mig and the F16 have a fly by wire system and many other stability sensor… and almost never gone flatspin in dcs or irl. This is looks like a massive downgrade…
I cant call that simulator i call this a simple joke

Maybe it is more like a Flight Simulator 1998 “simulator” mode. I don’t think that this sim mode really “simulates” as DCS does. It is more like a name for the difficulty to expect and therefor misleading expectations.

Maybe yes. But this thing is very fustrating… This work perfectly 1-2 month ago and now not… nosense…
But the sim mode the unique mode for better players who need a chill and balanced fights… and the gaijin break that

I didn’t played sim but I hope it gets fixed so you can enjoy it again.

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i think you should enable the SAS damping mode… its a setting with a keybind… you propably always fly with the raw manual input… its similar to DCS when you disable the FCS in the F16… then it becomes very unstable. With the SAS mode on you even have auto-trim in modern 4th gen fighters mainly mirage2000, mig29, F16A & C