Bad Connection When I Activate 150% Booster

This now quite a frequent occurrence. I will be playing naval matches, connection is great. Then the moment I activate a 150% booster then 3 minutes in I get kicked out for ping and packet loss. But that’s impossible because my internet connection is stable, ~110 ping, 100Mbps download and 100Mbps upload. So, no way, just no way there is an internet connection issue on my end.

Yet, when I start the booster, omg, the WT spazzes out. Is this how you guys throttling the players down by kicking them out if a booster got activated? That’s despicable. Stop this nonsense immediately.



i had a few problems after using boosters and thought you might be right

i thought because it will take awhile for them to get over the players union demands and they may react to that

then i had a few problems in normal games i was starting well in

maybe it is just bad servers used for naval or the non optimal coders that also seem to be assigned to naval

Same here.
I do not have internet problems.
Naval AB 5,7 300% SL booster now for severeal days, “bad network connection”, the booster is lost and it also seems to come at the same point in the battle, after about 5minutes.
And no, it does not occur when i play the same line-up without a booster.
There is defintely something fishy going on, and it is a recent problem for the last 2 weeks, i would say.
And only in naval 5,7 (my 4,7 DDs can play without troubles).

They should give back the booster for all the troubles.
It is insanely frustrating to loose the hard earned 300% boosters for NOTHING.

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