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Would you like to see no air in Ground and no air in navel, just back to basics

These always seem to be 50/50 in the end. I think the question is would we like an added mode of ground or naval only.

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Here we go again. The opposition side wants planes removed from the ground and Naval?


You can have no planes in naval, but you can only use ships that were at the Battle of Jutland and any pre-dreadnoughts that might be in game.

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Dude very few play planes in the naval cause of how much firepower is being shot at you. So it doesn’t any sense. However a simulator battle for naval would be nice knowing there isn’t one at the moment.

It would be like playing a match in WoWS without carrier players. Now you’re being petty.

Then go play WOWs. WT Naval isn’t trying to compete against that, still don’t get why people think WT is trying to compete with WGing. Is beyond my understanding but I digress. Rest of this after that 1st period is not fou you.

Where in my comment did I say that. Point to the exact line where I said they were trying to compete. I said it would be like a match in that game without carrier players. Man, reading comprehension has gone to Hell these days. Keep trying.

Yeah I know, constantly coming up. It’s almost as if things people ask to remove or make an alternative for every 2 minutes are wildly wildly wildly unpopular and should be removed or an alternative made.

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Don’t make a comparison in the first place, WOWS and WT Naval are 2 different gameplay styles on the concept of Naval Warfare. The only comparison both have is that they have capture points and ships.

Can’t even follow instructions. Keep at it.

Back to basics by removing air? OP I want what ur smoking, war thunder was made for planes first.
Get off crack before posting senseless stuff next time lol


All i do is play ARB so get off your crack pipe

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Then why even ask for something like that if you’ve no clue about the modes in question?

1 research, 2nd i do have a clue

So why not make a more detailed post then? It would’ve actually contributed something?

There is no need to

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