B47 and b52

Can we see the b47 and or the b52 in war thunder? it would be pretty silly to have a vulcan on the b52 as it does in earlier variants irl.

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There is always the concern that these aircraft would be totally DOA due to their complete and total in-appropriateness for the theatre presented in WT. That being said. What Id give for some Strategic bombers. B-52s, Avro Vulcans, Whatever the Russians flew. They’d be incredible to have in game

No thanks. High tier bombers would be a complete joke considering how weak most of them are in WT.

you would see them fighting Missile carriers without the ability to do anything against them

so basically they’d be the prime targets during the first minute of the game with players rushing to get their missile to you first

Powerful ECM system to block long range BVR (not that they should be at a BR with BVR)

Large CM pool counts to help defeat IR missiles, though again, I’d guess about BR9, so you arent exactly going to be encountering many strong IR missiles. Mostly just guns

Give them a high spawn point (like 20k+ ft) and I think they’d at least get too target. But of course they’d need a hard cap per match, maybe no more than 3 or 4 and be end of line additions for the Bomber trees or as event/premiums so that you arent stuck grinding through one if you dont want to.

But some werent defenceless. Vulcan could carry Aim-9

B52 also has the radar guided turret and initially has the AIM-4 Falcon launcher in the back