B*tching Betty should alert you more often about incoming missles

As of the new update the F-16s have their new RWR and B*tching Betty. So far this is super cool, but I have one minor gripe. From what I’ve noticed Betty will occasionally alert you of an incoming missile, the direction, and if its low or high. This is in conjunction with the RWR alert tone. This doesn’t happen all the time though, sometimes its just the RWR alert (which I think is bugged right now) with no other alert. This seems to happen more often when your pulling too many G’s or at an excessive AOA because Betty is already focused on that. She also doesn’t seem to continue warning you about the active missile threat, you just get that initial warning. What I think would be nicer would be for the missile alert to be the highest priority (over other alerts) and maybe sound off (“MISSILE”) every 10 secs or so while still locked + cw. For me the RWR sounds of lock and launch are too similar to distinguish when you are also being pinged and or locked by the 10 other nearby radars.