B.R problems

Why is the Type 69-lla at 8.3 it dose not get APFSDS and has the same rounds from the 8.0 type-59 It is a severe disadvantage at its BR while the type-69 in the tech tree gets apfsds and is at 8.0

Type 69 2a has a bit more turret armor and the apds has like 150mm more pen than the apfsds on the type 69. Plus it gets an aphe round with good pen

It has a laser range finder and gets to bully the T-55A and T-10M in long-range maps like sands of Sinai.

The APCBC does more damage and actually pens more than the horrendous APFSDS that type 69 gets, if you had it available you just wouldn’t use that garbage

It is reported that this tank has to carry an APDS-FS, in principle it will be added, but we already know gaijin, maybe in five years they will add what it should carry since they put this tank in the game.

At 60° this APDS IS shit,the APDS-FS of Type 69 is better.

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Why are you hitting things at 60°?

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