B at Flanders

This is still ridiculous. It was shifted south a bit, so North team couldn’t cap from the other side of the train station building, but they still get cover from the train. They still get there faster than south vehicles. I’m in a nearly spaded scout tank, and I lose the race to B against a scout and 2 medium tanks that get defensive positions looking through the train. I can either approach via a choke in a trench or over top getting sniped by everything. The way the trenches and roads are designed, if you spawn on the right south spawn, you don’t have much of a choice other than to go C. If you spawn on the left south spawn, you can go to either, and maybe the race is ok to B, but if you spawn on the right and try to make a game call to swap, you are going through hills, over personnel trenches, and into a maze of tank trenches. It’s insane. And it’s weird that the crater explosions to the trenches are design routes to be able to exit the tanks in a functional manner. They should be inconveniences, but they’re the only method for getting out of the trenches in most cases.

The blimp does collapse to bombs and artillery now which is awesome.

I was hoping the train would function and pass through the map unless damaged. That would have been an amazing addition to create variability in the map. It would have to repair itself to keep going, so there wouldn’t be a meta for destroying it.

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I just went 17 and 0 on an old map. Earlier today I went 14 and 0. I get uptiered hard against many T-34s and lose but finish Second on my team. I then get downtiered very hard, but I spawn on south side of Flanders. I have no routes, no control points, no way to traverse multiple sections of the map. They all have cover on the north side. I still get 6 kills, but I’m killed 3 times in the process because of the amount of obstacles everywhere.
If you spawn in the bottom right of that map, you are screwed. You are screwed if you’re a heavy tank because you immediately have to traverse hills. You’re screwed in a light tank because all you can do is rush to the race track unless the North team ignored B. If you spawn in a medium tank, you’re just going to get shot by snipers as you go over the tracks. North has no reason to cross the tracks at any point. They can just hold position the whole time.
This is such a terrible map. I have no idea how it got released.

It has pretty flowers.

The other guy on my team that was downtiered finished like 12th or something.