Azur CMDR no thermal even though the T-90M has last gen thermal


As the title says, the T-90M has thermal for the commander while the Lerclerc Series, even the Azur one, does not have access to It even though, Thalès, a French group, was issuing the thermals for this tank.

Can someone makes sense of this?

I assume what you’re thinking is “why does Russia get an end-of-line vehicle with a CITV but France doesn’t?”

Well, the Leclerc AZUR shouldn’t really be considered ‘end-of-line’; rather, it was a lazy addition by the devs to the French TT to give the impression they still care about French ground. All the differences between the Leclerc AZUR over the S2 (of which it’s based off) are either entirely inaccurate or missing. Instead, the actual end-of-line vehicle for France should be considered the SXXI which does indeed have a CITV.


The AZUR in-game is nothing but a survival package for the Serie 2. It does not have the upgraded CITV.

The T-90M uses the TPVK-A, which I believe is implemented as Gen 2 in-game.

T-90M is also a much newer tank. They’ve been in production since 2017(?) meanwhile Catherine FC (2nd gen) have been the standard on Russian tanks since at least 2008.

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What are you trying to say?

That it shouldn’t be surprising for the T-90M to have a CITV.

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