Award Suggestion (two)

There should be a reward for shooting down an aircraft with an AP round. One example below

Since it’s difficult sometimes and doesn’t happen every game, I think it would be nice to give a reward for doing it similar to Fire Arrows. I can’t think of what to name it, but it would be neat.

Another Reward should be granted if a player manages to destroy a incoming aircraft bomb/rocket/missile/etc while in a ground vehicle.

For example, if a player shoots down a guided bomb with their Machine Gun, Main Gun, or Anti-Air. Perhaps this one could be called Ground Defender or something.

Any Thoughts?

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First idea: No.
Second idea: Yes.

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Why not the first one?

Considering your example is apfsds, nope. Apfsds is way easier to hit aircraft with compared to a HE from a lower rank tank.

If anything, it should be for rounds that are not proxy and below a certain m/s.

I specified AP because some HE has timers on it.

And while mine was point blank, not all will be.

In this game, there are awards for capturing points, taking hits, and many other simple things. I cannot see why adding more awards would be bad.

In that case, still no for apfsds. If you want a reward for a difficult aircraft kill, it would have to be a slower round.

The timers are useless. You have to rangefind to set the fuse. Proxy are the easy ones to use and thus no need for a reward.

There is your reward:


APFSDS may have a better velocity but the aircraft you are seeing are also generally much faster, so it doesn’t actually add anything IMO. I wouldn’t mind if big caliber rounds got an award for shooting down tanks, but I’m not like, super pressed their isn’t an award currently in game for it.

I agree. It would be nice to see regardless though.

Not reward. Award.

Like Fire Arrows.