Awakening The Volcano - Naval Completion With Low Queues

Does Gaijin realize that the number of people playing Naval battles doesn’t mesh with the challenge tasks for the Battle Pass? I played 5 naval battles yesterday after waiting in the queue for 10+ minutes each game and nobody even spawned a plane. This Battle Pass challenge is highly flawed:

In the one match so far where I completed an air kill, a boat kill and a cap, I finished in 5th place on my team with only 69% battle activity so it didn’t count. The requirements for this challenge are quite simply some of the dumbest design I’ve seen Gaijin do in the past 11 years.

Go to settings and enable “Join already active battles”. You might also want to switch to Realistic.

But you still wont get any plane kills because well, nobody use them in naval.

RB queue time was significantly worse than Arcade :(

Open up your queue to also include NA. Might help a little. Interesting though, I always get planes to spawn when I play.

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yeah, the queues for NA were mostly zero at this time of day so I took it out. There’s just not enough people playing Naval to make this challenge reasonable. One game there was only 5 actual players on each team with a bunch of bots, which do not count toward completion.

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