Awakening the Volcano Challenge (Battle Pass) Problem

Hi. I don’t know how to add an image here but the old forum was much better compared to this. Anyhow, for the “Awakening the Volcano” challenge in the current Battle Pass, I played naval AB and did cap two points, destroyed not just 1 enemy naval vehicle and shot down player-controlled plane. But it did not register in the tally. What could be wrong?

I played realistic as well and I believe I have may have completed all the requirements but the tally was not added. I should have 4 by now.

War Thunder Screenshot 2023.12.26 -

on the second screen there is no information about the killed plane.

Not seeing it. Are you sure they weren’t assists?
I’m not sure they have to be, but were you in Tier 3 planes when you shot them down?
I think the Strike Aircraft achievement requires them to be tier 3 and your targets to be tier 3, as in if you kill a tier 2 tank with a tier 3 strike craft, it won’t count.

I’m on Tier 3.

Completed the 2 except naval which is I believe buggy.

It is a Stuka played by a player.

You played on stuka. No enemy planes were shot down by u, as i see on the screenshot.