Awakening The Storm Naval is 5v5?

Gaijin, please provide a detailed example of how players are supposed to complete the Naval requirement for “Awakening the Storm” when Naval battles are currently 5v5? Anything Rank 3 and above has a 5 - 15 minute queue time and the battles are rarely more than 5v5 matches.

Good luck getting an airplane kill and 70% battle activity with 5 players on each team and map that is designed for 15 v 15.

Fix this achievement because your logic is highly flawed.

Ironically planes in naval are mostly used on lower BRs because destroyers have insane AA weaponry.

It took me 2 days of on and off grinding naval at 4.7 rating. If I got an Encounter map, I just leave and wait for crew respawn. I would start match with coastal vehicle and tried to get a cap. If I failed on first spawn, I would try again with backup. If this failed, it was over. No way to do it unless get insanely lucky with a plane kill as a destroyer that also would somehow be capable of capping. I would often just leave. If I got a cap on first coastal, try to get a boat kill. If this happened, I would get killed and spawn in a destroyer to accumulate points. Die and then spawn in fighter to try and find a plane. If I got a plane kill, then it was a success.

I had many near miss situations where I’d get all the above but then only get a plane assist kill. Most of the time I never earned enough points with enough respawns to get into a fighter. On the 5/5 attempt, I think it was a rare match where enemy team got into a dozen planes, so I got several kills just at random both as a fighter and as a destroyer.

Yeah, that’s been my experience as well … it’s just bad design to include a challenge for a dead game mode.

I didn’t find it all that dead.

Try mid tier (2.3-3.0) coastal and <4.7 bluewater. People do not tend to bring out planes at higher tiers, and top tier bluewater maps usually only have 1 cap point