Awacs Pings

What is everyone’s thoughts on AWACS pings for Air RB. This idea came to me after the last two matches had players that were running/hiding.

A way to enhance Air RB:

  1. AWACS pings. These would work like the artillery module. Where you get an AWACS ping after X amount of time. This ping would last 20 seconds and would pop the locations of enemy aircraft. The pings would happen 4 seconds apart, and would only show a dot visually and on your radar where they are. It would not be continuous tracking.

  2. When only 1 player remains base defenses become inert (like the helicopter bases are in Ground RB) this way players cannot runway camp.

  3. If a player is not in the air in X amount of time (whether they J out, or just sit) tickets start to bleed.

  4. If a player slams into the ground, the closest ally gets rewarded a kill. In ground RB if you J out, kills are awarded this way, it should be the same in Air RB.

We had two games just now, one with a tornado that was edge map camping as the last player. The other game we had a Mig sitting at altitude in the corner of the map flying circles just below contrail height. Once we found him, and moved in on him, he dove straight into the ground. Killed himself.

it wouldn’t be bad, but 20 seconds in a battle is long, I would do a maximum of 10 seconds, you have to have an idea of ​​where it is, because in 20 seconds with a maximum afterburner jet you can go a long way. so having an idea where it is is correct, then you use the radar and your ability to spot it thanks to your crew points

I guess long would depend on what tier. In jets ok. In props? It might point you in a good direction.