AVRE buff (based on real documents)

Firstly I would like to say I was quite impressed with the work WT did on the AVRE, i began to read with some trepidation but found to my surprise that a lot of the information and statistics was within the sort of boundaries one would expect without nit-picking.

I was particularly glad of the correct tube calibre being added at 230 mm, seems my video did its job with quite a few reposts on various places, the 290mm myth is finally coming to an end.

I did however have a good rummage though the archive files for the range and testing of the 29mm petard to compare it.

The muzzle velocity of the round was: 172 ft/sec
Weight of shot 40lb
Filler 26lb
Effective range 75 yards - Note at 50 yards the accuracy was off by up to 4ft!
Maximum range 234 yards

So the only real difference is the guns maximum range is off however it seems to have much better dispersion than the real one. which to be fair was made to punch though a mile long concrete wall, hard to miss that.

The only other issue was the AVRE as seen in the game, a late model had armoured ammunition bins as did all late models retroactively. I’m not sure if those have been added. also a smoke round was made if Gaijin wanted to add a really big smoke bomb.

wartime details added below


You will need to make a bug report on this website Community Bug Reporting System


I sure hope this isn’t classified!

yeahah its not really a bug
and tbh they probably didn’t know

i rarely ever venture into doing that side of the forum as its a whole different kettle of fish and ive got articles to get write today xd

still feel free if you want to just copy/paste and dump it there

What the game devs consider a “bug” ranges from actual bugs to tweaks to in-game stats to weapon arrangements, so yeah, a repost there might possibly get more eyes on the issue (if it goes through in the first place…)

thank you , been waiting for someone to collect that info cuz i knew i read it somewhere. That said , pretty sure this should be a topic/report in a different subforum