"average players" still dont break even

apparently, gaijin balanced repair costs in a way that “average player” would “break even”, however, i dont think it does

im mainly an air RB player, and according to my observations, it seems like i’d have to score one kill + assist for each time i die with mig 21 SMT (i have about 2 kd with it, so this is not a problem for me, but i’d still like to point the issue out - continue reading)

i dont have tier VI aircraft from other nations, but looking at their repair costs, 1 kill and 1 assist seems to be the trend pretty much everywhere.

but as i look at what teammates achieve, it doesnt seem like most of them break even, some of players crash during the game and because of this, average kd will always be below 1.

now, one could argue that we can get additional SL by killing ground troops, but this would result in a lot of people playing passively, waiting for battlefield to clear so they could farm - and i believe i do not need to explain why this isnt a good solution.

so, i think it would be fair if “average” meant scoring 1 kill per losing match, what do you think?

Breaking even is no fix…

To complete a Special task (bomb 20 bases), I played my French Vautour in RB last night, dealing with uptiers into missile games where at most, I could get one bomb run off before being missiled out of existence.

Looking at my results from last night, I see many games where I netted zero profit, even though I successfully got my bombs dropped… This is NOT “progression”. Mind you, I’m a premium account holder…

Gaijin really needs to take an even closer look at SL income. Premuim players should not be coming out of battles with 0 SL earned. Period!

Even when players have a bad game, they should still be rewarded for their time with positive RP and SL income.

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im aware, but snail didnt promise fixing the game, it promised breaking even, and its not holding up to its promise again