Average match against Russia

First match of the day, and this happened at the very beginning of it.
Every top-tier match against russian forces feels similar to this, the constant and unending spam of helis and jets…


For me what he’s sharing is a rarity. I haven’t seen that many SPAA food at once in well over a year.

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like an spaa can kill a ka-50

it can, in that situation all were free kills

In my experience you hit it with a missile, tail is off but it keeps flying. Then you can smack it with as many missiles as you want and it will just eat it.

majority of team is germans

Does this surprise you? They almost never spawn spaa

Fun things is that TS is playing on Begleit… So… HE-VT and pompompom all helis dead

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I mean, engaging multiple targets at 2km+ while being barraged by missiles isn’t that easy, especially if they can still keep firing after being “destroyed” (note the first heli that was shot down)

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