AV-8B+ for US this update please?

Yeah, the F-4S has not done so since it’s introduction, I really wish it would get fixed globally given I play sim so often and it removes a lot of the benefit of having a good radar if the only means of finding the target is staring at the scope, when you have this high end HUD sitting in front of you and on other, equivalent aircraft, or even sometimes aircraft with the same HUD and FCS, get a neat little box around the tracked target.

Yep, Sim player here too. yeah drives me nuts. Makes life so much harder than it needs to be. In the F3 it even displays the target when you queue up a missile. So when tracking something in TWS. you have to fly around with an armed Aim-9. Just to be extra awkward. drives me nuts

An update to HUD’s and better MFD’s would be amazing. Flying Sim with a lot of aircraft that has radar missiles but no lock indicator is pretty challenging to see who you’re locked onto, especially with the aircraft rendering being hit or miss half the time it would be nice to see where the radar contact is.

Same as working bomb CCRP for a lot of aircraft.

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CCRP just needs to be deleted and start again. God there are so many overhauls id kill for for that. Like this:

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Is the jhmcs US exclusive?

Exactly, the best thing to be improved for me would probably be the using the TGP MFD’s while in the cockpit. So sick of going into the dedicated view mode especially when using VR.

But hopefully in a future update we get better MFD’s and HUD’s. An update to the HMD’s to show radar locks would also be pretty good for the F-16C and F-15C.

There are so many things that should be improved on that would massively improve Sim.

Yeah, Sim needs some serious TLC


The Marine Corps added them to the Pluses back in 2023 as a stopgap, I am not aware of Italy doing the same, replacing them with 15 F-35Bs it seems.

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My one gripe with this as is (I haven’t played Dev Server) is that it’s called AV-8B Plus instead of AV-8B+. AV-8B+ just looks nicer, idk

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I just wonder if the “+” in the name just breaks some bit of code of something :D

Could try a bug report/forum post about it. They’ve changed things in the past like Challenger 3(P) to Challenger 3(TD)

I don’t have any official info that it was actually called AV-8B+ or AV-8B Plus, plus (lol) I’m at work and can’t look for it right now. It’s mostly just a me thing lol, but for example the Marder has a + in its name so maybe it might be fine?

Could also modify the .lang file and fix it yourself client side, I’ve changed the “AMBT”'s name to it’s actual name, that being “M60A3 SLEP”.

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