AV-8B+ for US this update please?

With Britain getting 3 new top tier aircraft, one being a Harrier with AMRAAM capability, just like the AV-8B+, can I ask for an AV-8B+ in the US tree this update without getting crucified? It is a long awaited vehicle, and all that would need to be done is adding a new camo for the Italian one that already exists (which is insane to think a nation got a vehicle before the country that actually built it did). Not to mention US hasn’t gotten a tech tree attacker with precision guided armament since the A-10, 2 years ago, which is ridiculous compared to the 6 total Su-25’s we have gotten in the same timeframe.


It doesn’t line up with the update schedule. It will most likely be introduced next update


I’ve been telling myself that for months at this point, same goes for the A-6E SWIP. Gaijin is clearly allergic to giving US another attacker for some reason, but instead they just add another 4th gen every other update that isn’t needed as much as this attacker black hole.

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Theres no point to get the SWIP without ARMs

It would be an attacker option for US with a high resolution thermal camera with AGM-65’s, something which isn’t a thing for any US attackers yet. And if they really wanted to, they could add AGM-84E and have it be a direct Su-25SM3 equivalent. For context, the AGM-84E has two stages to guidance, GPS and IR. The IR seeker on it is the same as an AGM-65D, so if they just added it without the GPS stage and only the IR stage, it would basically be identical to the Kh-38MT on the Su-25SM3, being an infinite range BS missile, only limited by if you can see the target.

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Been over a year lmao

It’s been nearly a year since it was brought it for Italy and it should have been added to the US then but Gaijin didn’t. Now I thought they were waiting to add it once AMRAAM’s came out but clearly that’s not the case. A US aircraft that they built and used should be added to the US tech tree since it’s already in the game, not kept exclusively for a country that bought it from the US

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That’s some bs. Everyone gets new shit and the US gets a copy paste we should have gotten a year ago. There is no legit reason to not add it now


There are a lot of non OP planes that can be added
The list goes on


We should have got it back when it was first given to Italy, this update would have been the perfect one to add it.

It should absolutely be added this update but given the lack of response from Gaijin is clear they just don’t care.

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It’s just a matter of if the U.S. needs them or not which typically they don’t. But then again everyone gets stuff they don’t need so idk what they are doing. I mainly want the AV8B+ so I don’t have to grind the Italian tech tree from 3.0 all the way to top tier when I could just immediately grind a AV8B+ in the U.S. tech tree. (I want a harrier with AIM-120s so bad)

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Agree on everything except the a10c, that think would be horrible to use and stock grind

A10c would have maws, aim9m and hmd tho. Put it at 11.3 like the su25t.

Would probably have stock aim-9L so would still suck in that regard, but that’s probably the best space for it yeah

A-10C - Could have come alongside any of the Su-25’s
A-6E SWIP - Could be added anytime, a TT A-6 would be great.
AV-8B+ - Should have been added the same time as it was for Italy. Should have come this update instead.
F-15E - Most likely too advanced for the game right now. Probably see it in the next year or two

To my knowledge it’s just a F15C that’s heavier and can carry legitimate guided munitions.

the F-15E would be overpowered solely because of its radar. it would have to be added with the eurofighter and other jets that can match its capability in that regard.

Yeah it gets better A-G weapons and some better A-A weapons, mostly it’s SARH and ARH missiles

It should be the other way around. American vehicles shouldn’t be present in other trees unless absolutely necessary, and the US tech tree should be getting stuff like AV-8B, A-10C and F-15E