AV-8B/AV-8B+ for the US

lol - what gave that away??

I personally no problem gaijin add AV-8B Night Attack without AN/AAQ-28(V) Litening II to USA tech tree in rank 8 after A-7E Corsair II

Is this position of Gaijins looking to change in the upcoming summer patch?

The thing that bothers me is its already in the game and is practically a copypaste now for america to get it
Why cant they?

Its a different story if it wasnt already in game but it is

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I’d guess.


The US simply have no need for it. They have vastly superior CAS already and adding a sub-sonic CAS for their tree simply wasnt considered worth it. Especially with the huge number of additions they recieved last year already.

But it does make an ideal early AMRAAM carrier. Something around 12.3 to be added next major udate (assuming that it is ARH update) instead of the far more powerful aircraft like the F-15C.

Why would it Not get the Lightning II?

And the H-34 but France instead of China

I assume USMC refit AN/AAQ-28(V) Litening II on AV-8B Night Attack in 1999 and replace with AN/AAQ-28(V)3 Litening ER in 2001

They do though; at various levels as they have no Tech Tree option with a TGP, below 12.0 let alone a functional Strike airframe counterpart especially one that could defend itself, which it would do better than than the one of the other potential options (F-111F).

They don’t have an option above 10.7, its a bit of a gap since in GRB SP costs increase with each subsequent death for types of vehicle so having CAP and CAS both be Fighters causes issues and generally the US tree very costly in terms of SP, like with the ADATS being a Missile TD, not an SPAA so having sufficient SP to react is less likely across the board. So more options especially less expensive C&P aren’t a bad thing.

And its not as if the A-10A, A-7E & F-111A don’t have exploitable issues if raised to higher Battle Ratings.


That argument only holds water when it comes to unique developments. It’s not a prototype or limited production vehicle. The vehicle itself is already present in the game, the Dev resources have already been spent for its implementation. It has already had multiple patches “to be unique” in the Italian tree, which is a stupid argument to begin with, but now is well past its relevance.
It’s a full production vehicle, with active use, and the country of origin.

It’s omission to this point is blatant BS as it requires 0 developer effort to place it into the US tree as well.


Ummm ok but the USMC Av-8B was wired to carry the Lightning 2 so why wouldnt it get it in game?

They could if gaijin decides to actually give the F-4E its historical Pave Spike and LGBs


Considering its current configuration, the Pave Tack would be more accurate, and would be needed for the Strike F-111 variant anyway.


Why bring an 11.7 sub sonic CAS when you can bring the F14B, F16A or F16C which are all much stronger in both CAS and CAP?

I rarely if ever use the Gr7 because of how weak it is in CAS compared to Gripen or Tornado

Unless it’s being added next major update with AMRAAM

If it’s Air-to-Air & Air-to-Ground armament on USMC AV-8B Plus like AV-8B Plus from Marina Militare in italy tech tree and would be 12.3 BR with AIM-120B after current major update but different target designation pod because use AN/AAQ-28(V)3 Litening ER

I assume attack aircraft 11.7 BR might be AV-8B Night Attack and refit AN/AAQ-28(V) Litening II targeting pod

Because you might want to use an 11.7 lineup to fit in with the Tanks?

Any 12.x lineup dictates that you are uptiering your tanks due to aircraft and so puts you at a disadvantage in the matchmaker, and none of those options are below 12.0 , let alone are Strike airframes.

Don’t forget the US doesn’t have a Tornado GR.1 counterpart yet, also the F-111F isn’t likely to be put at 11.3 either. So the lack of Tech Tree Strike Airframe options at 11.x really is an issue.


I predict gajin might consider AV-8B Night Attack refit 2003 ~ 2004 at early rank 8 and located after LTV A-7 Corsair II