AV-8A/C and Harrier Gr.1/3

I noticed that some sources say the Harriers can carry laser guided bombs. Is it possible for it to equip a targeting pod? Or would it have to be buddy lased?

the only one that can is the av8-B Gr.7

Talking about real life not WT

You need to look at which version can carry those laser guided weapons.

Just because its harrier it doesnt mean it has the same capability as any other harrier.

Specifications were for Gr.3, and would apply to atleast AV-8C as well. Just asking if any Harrier 1 ever carried a TGP

GR.3 didn’t carry a TGP in service, no.
Its employment of Paveways during the Falklands War was with ground-based observers lasing the target


Granted, im not that familiar with harriers, but afaik early in the vietnam war, air force phantoms couldnt carry same sidewinders as navy phantoms due to differences in cooling system present on rails - despite both being phantoms.

Going forward, keep in mind such limitation might as well apply here.

Not that I know of. The laser GBUs were carried for use together with buddy lasing. There are a lot of other planes in game that carried GBUs irl but could not self designate, like the A-10A for instance.

I don’t think so becasue LGBs aren’t wired into the pylon. TGP would ofc tho

Makes sense. Would love to see it as a option some day, might bring a better use for scout drones.

Again, granted, im not an expert, but surely at least some handshake between plane and laser guided bomb has to happen, at the very least to wake up the seeker, no?

Actually that makes sense, yeah. Though certainly less than others

It says it could cary laser guided bombs, but with the analog cockpit i dont think they ever got the capability of self designation. The gr1/3 i had analog cockpits so making them talk together would take a lot of upgrading. The av8B was an american made av-8 which has the target pod and digital cockpit.

Would be really cool indeed, like being able set laser codes on your designators and bombs. Though it wouldn’t be technically realistic to be able to set bombs dynamically in flight, it could probalby be gamified… like the Vikhr actually needing to bet set to proxy or impact fuse by ground crew as well, but being dynamic in game.

Gaijin could probably simplify the system by setting like 3-5 prest laser channels. Might be too strong, might be absolutely useless with randoms, but an interesting idea still.


Also looks like they could use the laser guided mavericks and would be fun to see those added to the game.

Talking regular Paveways here, not modern “Enhanced” Dual Mode ones with GPS/INS as well, but:
A lanyard is attached to a thermal battery in the Paveway kit. When the bomb drops free of the aircraft, the lanyard is pulled and activates the battery after some delay, which then powers the guidance system.

There’s nothing technically different in carrying a Paveway II from a regular unguided Mk.80-series bomb (or the UK 1000lb bomb) without the kit, except for the additional weight, length, and aerodynamic considerations.

Ed:- Gunjob has provided a datasheet comparing the Paveway to the additional electrical and mechanical interfacing requirements for the Enhanced Paveways, below


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The amount of times the words “Do not leak the (plane)” has been said here is funny

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Its already fine, we were talking about the Harrier Is