Autumn event cheating report

This guy launched several accounts, farm points by killing his own accounts.
replay: Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On
ID: underpantsman70, Niizpdniizamimi, ASS-ASS-IN, cn_sxsq


Sim is full of them. I just report them in game, I believe it’s against community guidelines to publicly shame them on the forums.

…via server replay; in-game reports seems to be useless…

Oh wow, thats messed up.
Like i’m gonna take time to pass server replays.


Topic Locked

3.11. Users are not allowed to discuss the possibilities and methods of causing damage or losses to the Games, Administration, Website Managers, and other Users, including cheat programs, “bot” automation programs, ways to modify the client of the Games, vulnerabilities in the client and server parts of the Games, offering advantages in gameplay, and any other circumventing methods prohibited, directly or indirectly, by Gaijin EULA.

Please, do not use the forum for reporting, use the server replay report tool.

The player’s case will be reviewed by a game-master and actions will be taken if necessary.
I know it’s frustrating, but the reported behaviors are being checked, and using the forum won’t make things faster.

Thank you.

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