Automatic Gunners and YOU!

Ok, I’m sure this is going to go south, but the idea popped into my head, and it seems like it would be worth discussing at least.

In Naval, your AA battieries can be manually assigned targets to engage and they will automatically engage that target when in range. What would you think if this concept came to Ground? So you see a plane, assign your crew the target, and then your rooftop MGs would engage the plane (within a certain distance) while you have control over the main gun and coaxial. This wouldn’t be automatic, the player would need to assign the target manually, and ground vehicles would not be available to be an assigned target. I could see how this could bring a bit of balance to the CAS realm. It would be neat to be able to command the crew in that manner, and if multiple players in a game took part, the combined fire could become somewhat effective. It could be implemented in Arcade and Realistic.


Sounds like a US buff, most nations don’t have capable MGs to begin with.


^This mostly. Also, it could be awkward if your “AA gunner” opens up on the plane you assigned it to as its coming back around, right as you are trying to ambush someone.

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that would be hilarious though. trying to sneak up on someone and then die due to you gunner getting itchy fingered lol

As soon as .50 cal stops being a magical remote controlled weapon.

It would technically be realistic for vehicles with a RWS or similiar as they tend to be controlled by the commander and would in theory shoot at other targets that the main-gunner isn’t looking at

Auto gunners are mediocre in naval in my opinion. Unless you have a lot of guns firing, time delay or proximity ammo. I would not want to rely on a auto gun in a vehicle especially if it was a single gun.

I would think it would also give away you position to CAS looking for a target. Just saying, anything shooting at you is tempting to knock out especially if its not a SPAA.

Low tier might be worth having since planes have to fly closer for engagements. Higher tier it would not make much sense since most would just stay out of range.