Autocannone 75/27 AV (Anti-Velivolo) su autocarro semiblindato LANCIA 1Z, something very very old

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Autocannone 75/27 AV (Anti-Velivolo) su autocarro semiblindato LANCIA 1Z (1918)


Let’s go back a long way in the history of war vehicles. In 1917 the Royal Army needed artillery to defend the metropolitan areas and the border from possible Austro-Hungarian air attacks. It was therefore decided to start working on a cannon truck, and the 75/27 AV was chosen as the cannon and the Lancia 1Z as the truck. In a short time, 6 anti-aircraft batteries were armed with the necessary vehicles for transporting ammunition and the vehicles were assigned to the 61st experimental artillery regiment. The vehicle was vaguely unsuitable as an anti-aircraft due to its very small size compared to the mounted weapon, on the other hand the vehicle proved to be good as an infantry support vehicle and as self-propelled artillery. What happened to the vehicles at the end of the conflict is unknown.

Armament and propulsion.

The truck was armed with an Ansaldo 75/27 A.V. cannon. with 360° traverse and -5°/+80° elevation. The gun mounted on the truck, the 75/27 A.V., being derived from the 75/27 C.K. gun. it had the exact same characteristics and ammunition. It could fire two types of anti-aircraft ammunition, one explosive (with temporized fuze) and one incendiary shrapnel. The cannon also had a semi-automatic breech which allowed the weapon to be reloaded in 3 seconds.
Moving on to the engine, the truck had a Lancia Tipo 61 engine 4,490 cc I4 petrol which allowed the vehicle to reach a maximum speed of 60 km/h.



Crew: 5
Weight: 4 tons
Elevation: 0°/+80°
Pan and tilt: 120° or 360°

Photos and drawnings.




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Any stats on the ammunition? Seems completely vulnerable against ground vehicles, even if it is an SPAA.

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Good question.

Reminds me this vehicle from the Soviet cartoon)


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I don’t know why, should I use any code to insert video or just a link?


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Ok, taking the jokes out for a moment, it fired HE, shrapnel and temporized HE. So te penetration can be around 10 mm for HE and 30 for shrapne.

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for the ammunition penetration I did some research of my own as i felt like I could find something

I started by looking up the name of the cannon and reading it’s wiki page it said it had different variants so then I looked them up to see if I could find any clues on the penetration and I did!

the variant that let me discover the armor penetration values was the CANNONE DA 75/27 MODELLO 06 from this website here: CANNONE DA 75/27 MODELLO 06 - Quartermaster Section
The penetration being: 56 mm at 500 m at a 30 degree angle

the differences between the cannon this vehicle uses and the cannon I researched is the way they were mounted as the one I researched was a field gun variant while this one is a pivot mount so there not really different in fact they used the same ammunition

“The 75/27 A.V. used the barrel and hydro-spring recoil mechanism from the Cannone da 75/27 modello 06 … and it used the same Fixed QF 75 x 185mm R ammunition.”

Quote : Cannone da 75/27 modello 06 - Wikipedia

but going back to ammunition to achieve 56 mm of pen from a 75 mm he is just ridiculous so I think it used some type of AP or APHE so if the snail were to add this to the game I feel like it should fire an AP/APHE shell

Hopefully my bit of research will helps this vehicle to get into war thunder in the future

and thank you Simone5 for bringing this vehicle to my attention as I have been picking up a bit of a hobby at vehicles in suggestions and researching them and imaging how much fun they’d be in war thunder and researching this vehicle was fun


Well in the meantime I thank you for the research as it was partly useful to me. Unfortunately, various sources conflict with each other and therefore finding “right” data is difficult. However, I am happy to have made you passionate about research.

hey Simone5
I found a website that has a list of ammo that Italians used and there are 2 particular shells that could be useful here which are the first & third shells on the list
(BUT I just feel like it’s a bit sketchy as theirs no sources so we should try and find other sources to confirm it)

the first shell is the time fused shell you were talking about
the third shell is an AP shell used in the CANNONE DA 75/27 MODELLO 06!!!

and because both guns are practically the same I feel like it should shoot both AP and timed fused shell like an Italian Yag-10 and is probably how the gun achieved 56 mm at 500 m at a 30 degree angle of penetration

Source: WW2 Equipment Data: Italian Explosive Ordnance - 75mm Projectiles (Part 2)


Thanks. I will give a look at it tomorrow and I wi try to integrate the info in the suggestion.