Auto-adding Friends to Friend List

Why is this happening?
Is a solution in the works?

Is there an official comment about it?


How could be a friend not on the friend list?

You’ve got to add them as a friend?

I also had this issue, for some reason people I used to have on my friends list and have removed got added back, which reminds me how bad the friend list UI is

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Is this why I see unknown people in my friend list now? Maybe some random who added me back in 201x and I removed afterwards, forgetting about them?


Maybe they’ve renamed themselves?

Also encountered this issue, 1 unknown player added to my friend list.

And as a reminder I don’t add anyone to WT friend list it’s always empty, this is a 0 → 1 change can’t be renaming.

After the update I had like 20 people randomly added to my friends list over time, some might have been on my friends list years ago, some I had no idea who they were. This happened to quite a few people apparently.

It must be a ghost then😀