Australian 1A5 possuble addition to the British tec tree

So It might just be only me but had anyone else ever thought about like a few more Australian vehicle’s could be added to war thunder the leo 1 wouldnt be such a bad idea as it was used by the Australian armed forces untill 2007 and even then its a 105 leopard 1 so is it really that bad to ask for it to he added to the UK tree? Would help the 9.3 to 10.7 battle ratings for the UK. Plus would be a amazing premium or premium pack and alot of people would buy it including myself.
Leopard AS1 Described

The Leopard AS1 (AS is the NATO abbreviation for Australia).The vehicles were manufactured by Krauss Maffei in Germany and the Main Battle Tanks carry the factory hull numbers 17001 to 17091. During Australian service, the Main Battle Tanks carried the Army Registration Numbers (ARN) 27706 to 27781, and 29386 to 29399.

The vehicle is powered by a Daimler Benz V10 diesel engine developing 610 kW, which drives though a ZF automatic gearbox with four forward and two reverse gears. The power pack is a tropical version of the standard unit allowing operation at 50ºC ambient temperature. Speeds of up to 62 km/hr can be attained. Standard torsion bar suspension with seven road wheel stations and four track support rollers (return rollers) each side provide the tanks excellent cross country mobility. Diehl double pin track is fitted. The driver sits on the right side of the hull, and has a floor escape hatch as well as his swinging roof hatch.

The turret is of all welded construction with spaced armour, providing increased protection levels over the original cast turret. A British - designed 105mm L7A3 gun with thermal jacket and fume extractor is the main armament of the Leopard AS1. The laser range finder operates through an aperture on the right of the mantelet - there is no corresponding opening on the left. The sensors provide data to the computer on air temperature and pressure, charge temperature, barrel wear, cross wind and vehicle cant. The cross wind sensor is mounted on the forward part of the turret roof, surrounded by a round wire cage for protection. The commander has a panoramic sight, mounted on the turret roof forward of his cupola. Two 7.62 mm machine guns are carried - one is co-axial with the main armament, the other can be mounted on the commander’s or loaders cupola, and in both positions it can be used in the anti-aircraft role. The gunner and commander sit on the right side of the turret, with the loader occupying the left side. A searchlight is carried in one of the armoured bins at the rear of the turret, and can be mounted on top of the left side of the mantelet.


4 comprising
Commander, Gunner Loader/Operator and Driver

Weight (combat laden)

42 400 kg


9.54 metres (gun forward)


3.37 metres


2.62 metres (top of sight)

Ground Clearance

0.44 metres

Main Armament

105mm L7A3 QF gun


59 rounds ( 17 in turret and 42 in hull)

Machine Guns

7.62mm MG2A1 Co-axial
7.62mm MG3 externally on cupola

Smoke Dischargers

Four 76mm on each side of turret


Daimler Benz MB838 V10 cylinder
Four stroke diesel
610 kW (830hp) at 2200 rpm


ZF 4 HP 250 with four forward speeds and two reverse speeds

Fuel Capacity

950 litres

Maximum speed

62 km/hr


500 km

Maximum Vertical obstacle

0.91 metres

Maximum trench

3 metres

Maximum fording depth unprepared

1.2 metres

Maximum fording depth prepared

4 metres


Would love it but its gonna summom some angry Germany mains

Let them be mad they have a lot of leopards as is tbh im a german main and i wouldnt be mad at this it would be a nice welcome


Sure if germany gets swiss centurions else no


Their anger meant nothing, after all, Gaijin would still give their beloved Leopard tank to the great Swedish Empire

I mean you already have the best hunter in game

how about brits get the hunter and germany and the french finally the Alpha jet

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Britain would be better suited EE T1 /EE T2 Osorio
Cause it has vickers tower.




If the start adding more Swiss stuff to Germany then thats fine

this would be actually a kinda nice addition. do see some diehards kicking off, and if i’m sticking to my principles i’d have to say no

fortunately, i have as much spine as a snail does so i can pick and choose

this’d also bolster 9.0/9.3 lineups nicely too.


I would also loved to see an Canadian

But this would be even more controversial XD

I mean, I’d be in for that

Also, ETPS and Qinetiq flew an Alpha Jet too once upon a time

Being serious, it’d be a cool addition. i’d welcome an Alpha Jet for France and Germany, i’d love to get one for France

Definitely, an improved Vickers line. Currently some great MBT’s would be the Mk.3(I), Mk.3 (M), Mk.4, Mk. 7/2, and the various Osorio variants (British turrets and armour, outside of that no in-game nation has any claims to them bar an engine).

These would all fill gaps like those of other nations and largely fix any mobility issues the tree has.


Considering that Osorio is also quite fast tanks. It will be very interesting addition for britan

Yeah they would fix a lot of speed issues. Also across the turret they should have protection against M735 (it might’ve been M773 I don’t remember) so they wouldn’t even be particularly low tier vehicles. Very nice M1 and Leo 2 equivalents.

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Sadly I see the Australian Leopard going into the German tree like Gaijin did with the Canadian one.

I would love to see the Canadian leopard 1 as squadron vehicle

literally the same vehicle but Canadian

while I was looking for that photo I also came across this thing, the Leopard 2A4M CAN
I had no idea we even had such a awesome looking tank

It gets even better


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