Aubl/74 hvg does not belong at 8.0

I recently redeemed my AUBL/74 HVG coupon which I got for free a while back and I have to say that this vehicle has to be the worst vehicle i’ve played. ZERO spalling, not very good pen at 8.0 and AUBL paper armor (which is fine if the vehicle can at least kill people).
So this brings me to question why this vehicle was moved from 7.7 to 8.0. Don’t remember when exactly it happened but it did. It’s a struggle to kill literally anything and you can’t even one shot TRACKS, TRACKS!. Yeah sure it does have a stabilizer and scheiße apfsds BUT THAT DOES NOT suffice to put this italian pizza delivery vehicle at bloody 8.0.

Why did I redeem it instead of selling it on the community market you might task? Because I am stupid and never test drove it or even looked it up online :DDDDD But gaijin seriously this vehicle belongs in 7.3 oh wait, they basically removed 7.3 then put it in 7.0.
8.0 is seriously too high and 7.7 is still too high, 7.3 would be the sweet spot but since it can’t be there there is no other choice than to put it in 7.0 so it might actually be remotely useful.

If anyone read this far I hope you have a wonderful evening and if you are gaijin man lower this vehicle’s br PLEASE (pleading emoji)


The AUBL/74 HVG slight BR Increase would have being excusable if it received a reload buff and maybe received the HE-VT shell that the 60mm can fire unfortunately that is not the case

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250mm pen APFSDS with under 8s reload, 2-plane stabiliser, 100km/h speed with 20km/h reverse. Yea that belongs to 8.0 minimum no matter how much you cry about your skill issue.
Too bad playing at 8.0 means you are practically guaranteed to be uptiered in every single game and you get to enjoy the extra compressed 8.0~9.0 range


skill issue?? have you played it before its pretty bad and it was at 7.7 before hand still not doing amazing

This vehicle was very strong back on the day, only stopping being meta when the 279 started rolling en mass, but after they nerfed all nato apfsds by only crippling small caliber guns it became unplayable due to lack of postpen damage. If its for sale on the gaijin market still i would not recomend the purchase, any vehicle its a better pick.

Tbh if anyone really uses this vehicle they would switch their mind about it, just dont use tbh, you cant even ammorack in one hit most of the times, leading to very frustrating gameplay when convined that its so wobbly that not even the stabs can be used above low speed.

Redemming it was a mistake, you should had consulted the performance before doing such a thing, like many other old reward vehicles.


Don’t buy premiums simple as, gaijin does allow players to test drive available premiums though so let’s see. Consistently penetrates the frontal plates of russian tanks which allows easy oneshots even against some of your worst enemies, easy to shoot on the move, general damage is indeed pretty low but spalling isn’t nonexistent.
The vehicle does have awkward chassis design so gun depression is limited when aiming backwards, and the car is technically amphibious but moves extremely slow in the water.
Overall it isn’t bad at all but I can imagine the pain of going against germans who bring 30 marders into a match and your “armor” might block a single shot with some luck


most tanks don’t have 3 crew members just lined up like Russian tanks do not to mention shooting them at least in the test drive is perfect conditions. the pen is fine, the post pen is the issue it was fine at 7.7 and wasn’t over performing even with a stab and apfsds

I never mentioned crew in the vehicle, why would you shoot them anyways when T54s and T55s have the idiotic fuel tank + ammorack combo right at the front which is easily penetrated by even the tiny M300 APFSDS. Most other tanks you see have armor so thin that even things like WW2 era 37mm AP can destroy them without much difficulty, they are also usually more vulnerable to spalling though that is always quite random and for example AMX30 tends to magically make spalls vanish to the 5th dimension.
The shell’s damage is definitely questionable though since much smaller autocannons with APFSDS seem to do twice as much damage while shooting 200 rounds in a minute

ill have to check the internals of the amx30 see if there is some random plate making it spall flat they also just gave the amx 30 a turret basket ring that will absorb more spall but every tank that doesn’t have super exposed ammo or non exploding fuel i have always really struggled to kill in the aubl

First things first, do you have a proper lineup to run with it? Ik 8.0 isnt the best br for italy but the first OF-40 is a decent vehicle, and you can run the T106 and M47 with the 105 to good effect with either the vampire or F84 as effective cas. The HVG is a good scout vehicle. the high velocity of the gun mostly makes up for the lack of laser rangefinder, and the overall mobility means that you can get to positions quickly. This should be used as a scout, where you get to a good position fast, and scout and disable opponents. i would advise not trying for killshots unless you are very confident you can get it in one shot, and instead aim for the breech/turret crew, and scout to give your teammates the best chance to get the kill and give you the assist. you have smoke grenades and again the good mobilty to get out of a bad position if you get into one or are spotted. the gun has high pen, and that is what you need to use to be effective, you should not be aiming center mass and expecting to one shot people. aim for specific crew members or modules and you will have the best success. This vehicle was very strong when first introduced from the summer event, and was very annoying to deal with, it has since had the dart nerfed but this did not change the underlying effectiveness of the vehicle, and it is simply less common than it once was. It has the specific playstyle of a lightly armoured scout, and cannot do a lot else, though that does mean you can still be an extremely efffective aid to your team. It is worth noting also that it is probably best not first spawned on some of the more urban maps where scouting is much more difficult and most engagements are brawly ones

Yes, I do have a full 7.7 which became 8.0 after update lineup. Redeemed it to ease the grind I guess but only ended up being disappointment on how little to no post pen damage it’s apfsds has. 7.2 seconds reload is not very good when you have to shoot around 3 shells to kill all crew. I usually flanked with the normal aubl and it worked great because I can easily one shot the enemy from the side or the front thanks to heatfs. With this HVG version though I usually end up killing one crew member and then get mowed down by their mg’s. This vehicle works great against other vehicles with 2 crew members but they are not that many :D End line: I do not have a skill issue

Yes, I agree with literally every word you’ve stated. When ammo racking is not even sustainable you know it’s bad.

Being a good scout on this game its basically saying that the vehicle its uncapable of holding its own weight in combat, besides scouting rewards are virtually unexistant, not even worth calling them “consolation prizes”. If you can spot you could had killed it, which is just more beneficial for both your team and you, had you had an actually competent vehicle.

probably hvg has worse post pen then his tech tree 6.7 counterpart with hesh/heat…so is surely less effective. take in account that italy has the same round at 9.0 where it can’t oneshot barrels bigger of 90 mm … more pain…
even more aubl/hvg is a worse scout then R3 T106 even if they share the same br…
so really make no sense playing it if you are not a masochist

I’ve tried to play this vehicle and make something out of it but it’s amazing how inferior the 60mm gun is to the 90mm in the 6.7 one, people who say ‘‘skill issue’’ don’t know how to play, this vehicle really needs a lower br

Is it really that bad though?

Italian 8.0 became my go-to for score based tasks.

I have a lineup with AUBL/74 HVG, R3 T106 FA, R3 T20 FA-HS and F-84G and it works great. What can’t be slapped with 60mm can be slapped with recoilless 106mm.

AUBL/74 HVG isn’t a vehicle you should use for frontal engagements so maybe that’s what you’re doing wrong. Yes it doesn’t have the best post-pen damage but when you know tank layouts you can one shot them kinda reliably unless you’ll get gaijined.

HVG post pen is non existent, it has worse post pen than 30mm APDS when it’s 60mm APFSDS, it’s an absolute joke.
On top of that you get an 8 second reload for these tiny useless rounds?

If APFSDS weren’t nerfed into the ground and it had a realistic reload speed then it could easily be 8.0, in it’s current state definitely not.

Straight in the side of a 3.3 Puma and it didn’t even kill a single crew member, how can this be at 8.0 shooting pins and needles?


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