Aubl/74 HVG BR discussion

With the addition of the M551(76) at 6.7, I really don’t understand why the Aubl/74 HVG is 1.3 br higher.

It gets better ammo, survivability and better overall mobility since it is on a tracked chassis without the huge driver deadzone the aubl has.


They can’t put the M551(76) at the correct BR until the battlepass is over. They can’t sell battlepass levels for GE during the final weeks of the event if everyone realizes it won’t be a free win machine.

Source: Pt76-57 battlepass.

IN all fairness with the PT-76-57, that thing wasn’t moved up immediately after the BP ended. And also. It was BROKEN broken. At least the M551(76) is a little bit fair. It still took a hot minute, and it only really recently moved up to 8.3 (a place where some may argue it does or doesn’t belong, whatever). It took forever to get it moved up from 7.3, and then from 7.7. So. (That said, it was also rank IV for forever, which was frustrating).