Attention all Ejection seat enjoyers i need you help!

I have made an bug report to add Ejection seats to the J21s (Sweden)

Here is the link please go support it! // Issues

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They just haven’t got to the lower rank planes yet. The top tier planes are still getting them added.

I just feel its important due to the J21 to be (basically) the first aircraft to be equipped with a ejection seat!

Its purely a visual effect, its not that important.

The Wyvern S4, probably the first modern ejector seat, doesn’t have it either. Gaijin caters to top tier and premiums first.

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And i think it too should get it, i think this is important due to the historic nature of both the aircraft with the J21
Having the first functional ejection seat and the wyvern having the first modern one!

So,… first studies for ejection seats appeared to be in sweden, yet, the first pilot to ever been ejected was a german from the He-280 prototype in 1942

The first aircraft being equipped and built in serial production is He219

The J-21 was equipped with it in december 1945

The Martin-Baker company, who created what remains to be the first Modern Ejection Seats used a Gloster Meteor Mk3 for trials in january 1945.

The last one, was used in real action (outside of tests) in 30 may 1949.

The first aircraft ejecting it’s pilot over the sound barrier, was the F-100 Super Sabre in june 1955

In 1958 was the first rocket engine ejection seat, on board of F-102 Delta Dagger. β†’ Similar in use than the modern ejection seat animation in game.

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The first utilization of the Mk I ejection seat in Sweden occurred on July 29, 1946, following a collision near Marstrand involving two aircraft, the J 21A (21109) and the J 22 (22175). Second Lieutenant B Johansson, maintaining a cool and professional demeanor, executed a successful ejection, thus averting a potential catastrophe.

This historic event not only highlighted the efficacy of the Mk I seat but also showcased the skilled and composed response of Lieutenant Johansson. Remarkably, he emerged from the incident with only a minor bruise on his right elbow. This incident serves as a testament to the proficiency and dedication of Sweden’s aviation community during that era.

For your information, you might wanna read this article:

It definetly put J-21 aircraft far away from being the first one with Ejection seat ^^"

Sorry it was not my intention to give you the idea that I thought the J21 was the first aircraft with a functional ejection seat. sorry for the confusion.

I see you just edited first post. ^^"