Attack Ground/Air Arcade Game Mode Doesn't Work Anymore

Does anyone have this issue?

Since July 7 after the recent update, I found if I launch Attack Ground Arcade or Air Attach Arcade Mode, there is NONE waiting to join the game and I have waited for minutes and minutes even I change my BR level from low 1.0 to top level 11.7 but still the same - simply there is NONE waiting/wanting to join this game mode.

Obviously this is a bug so please fix it ASAP.

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Noticed the same thing for the Ground Assault Arcade mode myself, however, was able to get into an Air Assault Arcade mode rather quickly… also interesting to note, that all nations and BR for all servers showed 0 for entire board for ground assault arcade waiting…

Did an entire Air match, tried again, it was still at 0, we waited about 60 sec, suddenly it flashed with people then went into a game, so idk what is going on.

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