Atomic Thunder -15k SL repair cost?

What the heck did they think when they set the repair costs for the event vehicles in case of an accidental teamkill? I lost a solid 15k SL for a teammate Pchela ramming into me.

New troll potential?

well of course there has to be a repair cost if you teamkill. otherwise you could just kill teammates with a heli all day long. But it counting as a teamkill that he rams into you is probably not intended.

Why should a gamemode that has no rewards have a financial penalty?


Atleast set the penalty to something like 3k SL, but not 15k, it’s alot for such an easy to accidentally teamkill target!

because if you kill a teammate on purpose you are ruinining their enjoyment? would you rather it just kick you? its not like its 35k like in a regular game

its still not like 35-45k. just got that as a penalty yesterday for teamkilling a heli. 15k is almost nothing, unless ppl abuse it like suiciding in the small drones

Yeah but again, you make no SL.

thats fair, but what else would you want? there has to be a penalty. a 10 min ban?

Yes, and if it’s something like the tiny flying robot ramming into you, it doesn’t count towards a ban

Id personally take 10-15k sl for killing a teammate instead of not being able to play for 10 min, but thats just me i guess. but yeah, ofc a teammate ramming into you and dying shouldnt count as you killing it. Dont know why it would when it doesnt work like that if i ram a tank in a plane