Atomic Event is monumentally poor. Needs a tutorial or at least a decent explanation of mechanics

Yet another overcomplicated under explained event thats unplayable unless you are an RB vet or a sadist.

utter junk, which is a pity because some nice rewards but I just cant put myself through the mind bending frustration of learning it all while I die ten thousand times.

I’d bet good money the russian page has a great explanation of the mechanics.

would a little tutorial be that difficult ffs ???

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What are you having difficulties with? I’d be more than happy to try and help you.

Yeah great, what are the red and white markers, what is the point of each drone and how do you actually do anything useful with them

also what complete tard decided to make this RB ?

with “red and white markers” do you mean that moving circle on the minimap and that drillhead symbol on your HUD? Thats the location of the Tunneling robot that can be controlled by the WSP-9 drone without the laser. if you are inside the circle with that drone, you can (if you’re the closest drone to the circle center) direct the worm by spamming Space. If you direct it under an enemy, the Tunneling robot will instakill the enemy and dissapear for 1-2 minutes after.

The WSP-9 drone WITH the laser is basically just a small heli that has a small range with its weapon, its most effective against other small drones, close flying helis and light tanks, but it can also kill the heavier tanks if you fire at them long enough.

the HOG-7 is more or less just a rolling ball that can jump and then smash into the ground, destroying closeby enemies. It also has Fire&Forget missiles that are best used against lighter tanks and flying enemies.

On why they made it Realistic mode, maybe RB has overtaken AB in popularity or the devs just wanted to put it in RB so you can sneak up on enemies.


thanks very much , a whole lot better than anything Gaijin provided…

reload on WSP-9 ?

The one with the laser has 5’000 rounds and the other has no ammo at all, so it just has to wait for the tunneling robot to respawn, so i doubt thats gonna be an issue :D

I looked at it again… was a weapon jam that doesn’t clear. I guess its a bug…

What’s the button on xbox for the worm?

Would have rather seen new maps and improvements in the game instead of this event. Rewards are less than lackluster as well.

Good that players are enjoying it I’m just not one of them. Was a waste of time.

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Also, I may have seen it wrong but where the hell is the balance ? The T-55 can shoot APFSDS rounds when the lame M-60 can only shoot chemical rounds.
It’s a big issue on a map where there’s pylons, barriers and so on everywhere …

It’s absolutely fascinating that the point of resistance and rebuttal to criticism and requests for improvements to gameplay/ map design from the Gaijin team is always something along the lines of ‘we only have so many hours in the day’ or ‘certain people only work on certain things’.

Yet here we are, with the same, stale, decade old gameplay design/elements with weird special events such as this that absolutely no one (with the exception of maybe your integrated marketing team) asked for.

Gaijin, I know you love your polls, but I assure you that if you were to ask your playerbase if they would rather see your team’s creative energy, ingenuity and time spent attacking ways to improve a very old and stagnating Air RB game mode or an event like this—well, it would be an absolute landslide.