ATGMs are currently bugged (no overpressure)

Hi everyone,

You may have found that ATGMs have done less damage since the past few weeks, well it’s bugged (again) ! It is quite weird, but basically, the warhead doesn’t detonate on the impact on the tank if the armor is thin enough, the ATGM will just go through it and explode inside the vehicle, producing no spall (since the penetrating jet did not hit any armor) and no overpressure. If you hit a well armored part, the ATGM works properly. I’ve reported this bug nearly 2 weeks ago, but the devs seem to not have seen it, so I make this post to incite you to go on the bug report and say that you have the same issue, hoping that it will catch the attention of the devs to this quite major issue. Here’s the link : Community Bug Reporting System

I hope that this post is intelligible, English is not my first language, thank you for reporting this bug. (If a community manager or else sees this, could you please try to forward it, thanks)

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Yes. The bug is still there. I have currently mothballed my helicopters until the bug is finally fixed.

Exactly! Regarding ATGM abysmal post-pen damage issue, I literally just created a bug report seconds before I saw this post. Please upvote my issue for greater visibility

Really? That was the bug the whole time?

Just found Gaijin has “acknowledged” this bug under this bug report: Community Bug Reporting System