ATGM Vehicles - Underpowered?

Over the years (but especially recently) there have been many changes to make these vehicles, indirectly, worse and worse over time.In the current state of the game, I am of the opinion that most of the ATGM vehicles (dedicated ATGM carriers, ie the M113 TOW, Shturm-S, etc) are becoming very underpowered for their respective BRs. Does anyone else feel the same way?


Yep, I kinda stopped using most ATGM Vehicles. Nowadays with Thermals, as soon as you fire a rocket, the enemy can just easily find you with it and kill you before your rocket reaches them.
Combined with Laser Rangefinder and HEAT Shells that usually means you aren’t even safe if you only stick your ATGM Launcher out of cover, because it will still kill you somehow.

Also I can’t recall the last time I was killed by ATGM - Because I do the same. Hear the “Pop- - - Zzzzzhhhhh”, find source with directional hearing+thermal, optional: use Laser Rangefinder if far away, and then kill the source of the ATGM before the missile itself reaches me.

(Of course I only speak about Ground Vehicles. Heli-ATGMs work properly)

Oddly enough, the rakjpz2 got stronger. They gave it mouse guided atgms so it works really well right now.

why did they do that, kinda defeats the point of having the TOW variant, plus I didnt find the keyboard guided ones to be bad once you got the hang of it, was pretty fun anyway

The other one still has more pen at least. I didnt have too much trouble with the keyboard ones as long as the map was decent.

It is sort of better than the HOT now though which is funny

The funny thing is the disaster they have made with the laser guidance of some ATGMs, for example the Milan missile is a real disaster, the first BMP-1 missile is guided better with the buttons on the keyboard and even does more damage, a real nonsense.

I really really want them to revert the ATGM changes.