ATGM don't trigger overpressure

Did Gaijin fix the overpressure mechanism on ATGMs, today I had a bad experience shooting at a ADATS 3 times, the first two times only showed crit hits and it wasn’t until the third time that I After killing the last crew, I went to the main screen to review the protection analysis and it was still normal. I need an explanation about this.


They seem extremely weak currently… 40kg of TNT vs a truck.


thought it was only me misremembering something but nope I guess they are bugged
noticed ZSUs and gepards getting a lot more survivable and rarely overpressuring in heli pve

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I have the same issue, tried Vikhr and Krizhantema on Mi28NM.
Had to crew snipe an iTO.

Been like that for years. Funnily tunguska is the weakest, you can fire a vihkr on the ground 10m away from it and it will die

It definitely wasn’t like this for years, something is up.


part of the new update will have changes to atgm’s. Until then you may just want to avoid using them. I hit a strela with a hellfire and it didnt die. Hope the update fixes them.


According to the wiki: “HEAT and HESH shells and ATGM can also create overpressure damage but are less effective at it compared to HE ammunition and seem to only affect vehicles when very thin parts of the hull or their critical weak spots are hit directly, with overall armour thickness of hit surface having to be below 15 mm RHA, since their explosive power is directed towards creating special effects (molten jet for HEAT and scabbing for HESH) instead of producing shockwaves. There are exceptions in HEAT ammunition, which can deal overpressure damage through 20 mm (select few powerful HEAT ATGM) or 30 mm RHA (most tandem missiles). Tanks with reasonable amount of armour will not take overpressure damage from HEAT, even if special effect penetrates them easily.”

If you check in protection analysis it works, but definitely in game it is currently broken. For some reason I am using such HEAT rounds now fully knowing they are broken/bad but it does give some funny moments like this:

Had a bunch of these 0 damage hits today.


ATGM from heli’s stopped working? this is good news for tankers bro I actually hope they stay broken lol

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hey, be quiet about the snails spaghetti code, it doesn’t like it when you talk about it. XD


Yeah, the problem was already reported from russian forum, so devs already know about this issue.


I find it impressive when relikt era absorbs a 1000kg guided bomb, very cool gaijin

That’s not a new issue though.
I had TV bombs only destroy the commander machineguns or i had a TV bomb stuck in my 1st stage ammo rack in a Leo2 and it only cooked me off and that was like a year or go or so. It is not related to the current the ATGM problems.

I survived 8 Vikhr missiles to the side in my FlaRakRad Lol

I definitely noticed they weren’t doing damage like usual instantly.

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ITO almost never got overpressured when I had to deal with it

Another instance of stat card being a reference for the real weapons but nothing to do with the ingame performance. You can have a missile with 200kg of TNT and somehow fail to destroy a thinly armored target bc the damage is dependant on what the devs decide it is. This feels like they tweaked (again) how ATGM/AGM work to test something regarding balance and went overboard.

I hit a Wiesel twice today with China’s AFT-09, and it didn’t die, lol. Then I died to an allied helicopter spamming missiles at both of us.

Top tier ATGMs, like the Bhishma’s or the Sprut-SDM’s 9M119M1 do. It is pretty consistent and it works very well near the lower areas of the turrets of MBTs.

Vikhir missiles have been bugged for a while now, where they no longer overpressure nearly as often as they usually do.

i don’t think it’s even a problem with ATGM not having/having nerfed overpressure penetration and more like the missile just sometimes isn’t creating the usual proper size sphere of pressure or shrapnel from the explosion that it’s suppose to create for the amount of TNT equivalent they have. Yesterday i still managed to over pressure an IS 3 by manually slamming my Type 60 ATM missile directly to it’s roof, but a SU 100P somehow went unscathed after the same missile detonated above it (by hitting the house directly besides it as SU100P was hugging the wall).

I suspect someone might have accidentally broken the overpressure wave mechanic for indirect hit making open top vehicles not susceptible indirect over pressure