ASU-76 : 76mm is better than 57mm?

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During 1943, plant No.38 had come up with 3 different light self propelled guns with 76mm guns named OSA 76 (a story for another time) , and a few shortcomings were found. So there was a task to re design the whold concept. The gun’s design and work was sent to plant No.92 and the chassis designed in plant No.40. The design of the gun was approved and the chassis designed by N.A.Astrov was completed in 1947 march. The paperwork was finalized and ready in June 1947. The first 2 prototypes were built in factory No.92. Some tests were done in 1948 and military tests took place in the 38th Airborne Corps from July 1 to September 1, 1949 and passed the tests. Unfortunately during 1950, the vehicles were testing the warranty period and didnt pass, so all work on the vehicle was suspended in 1953 by decision of the Minister of Defense N.A. Bulganin until further notice. The sources conflict with how much vehicles were built from 2-7 , but there were evidence of the ASU-76 being built and not a paper tank.

Place in-game:

This spg can play like the ASU-57 with a very sneaky playstyle or use its decent speed to hide around hard to spot corners, but with a gun with less penetration but with more TNT explosive. The ASU-76 also has rifle caliber pellets proof armour. The ASU-76 uses the LB-76S (aka as D-56S) which is the early version of the D-56T of the PT-76’s. But unfortunately there was no mention of the BK-354M shaped charge HEAT shell, so I doubt there will be a HEAT shell for this vehicle. If there is no HEAT shell for this spg, then it suits well in the br 3.3 to 3.7 because the gun is essentially the PT-76B’s without the best shell, the gun will not match ASU-57’s in performance therefore should be lower.


Kurb weight: 5.8 tons


Length:3 900 mm (without gun)

Width:2 340 mm

Height:1 600 mm

Armamant: LB-56T

Ammo: Br-354, Br-354N (30 ammo count)


Horisontal: ± 9

Vertical: -5 … +12

Sights: Telescopic OP-2-66


Type: steel rolled

Casemate front: 13mm at 45 degrees

Casemate front (side cheeks): 8mm at 38 degrees

Hull front: 8mm at 38 degrees

Hull side: 6mm at 20 degrees

Rear : 4mm

Mobility: GAZ 51E

Power: 78 hp

Top-speed: 45 km/h

Off-road speed: 19 km/h average

Suspension: individual torsion bar

Layout: transmission front, crew compartment and gun middle, engine rear












Thankyou for reading. Hope you liked it, remember to share your thoughts and opinion in the comment section. :salute:



Another vehicle which I supported back on the original forum. Even without the HEAT-FS shell, it would still be a fun low-tier SPG. It would have APHE and APCR, both of which work fine at lower BRs. +1

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