Assessing War Thunder with 4k Hours + poll and share your opinions

I know four thousand hours are nothing for some of you guys. but I’ve got school so cant exactly play all the time. besides war thunder isn’t my life. I play other games too.

TL:DR if your curious what im talking about but don’t care to read 310 words.


War Thunder’s high tiers are chaotic, with non-major nations struggling. Lower tiers suffer from premium spam and spawn camping. Maps feel too small, urban warfare dominates, and promised diversity is lacking. Updates have faltered since review bombing. Balancing nations, refining matchmaking, and amplifying community feedback are crucial for improvement.

Anyway moving on.

As a seasoned War Thunder player

I can’t help but feel that the higher tiers, particularly within the Battle rating 7.7 - 12.7 range, are incredibly hectic and chaotic. It’s disappointing to witness non-major nations consistently struggling in this intense battleground. The sheer intensity of battles at these tiers often detracts from the strategic depth and enjoyment of the game, leaving me feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. This issue partially extends down to the lower and mid tiers. On multiple occasions, I’ve bounced back from playing at Battle rating 5.0 - 7.0 range, only to find little enjoyment due to premium spam and one-death leavers. Despite knowing where to shoot to kill, it doesn’t help when, within what feels like seconds of the match starting, my team gets pushed to our home spawn area and gets camped until we either break through, which rarely happens, or we lose. Conversely, we sometimes find ourselves doing the same to the opposing team.

Furthermore, maps are far too small and need extending. Urban warfare, where tanks sit at the corner of a building in a T-72 MBT and spawn-camp the enemy team within seconds of the match, is not where tanks are supposed to be. This ruins the fun for many players and leads to frustrations. It’s disheartening to see players then complain about close air support when the real issue lies in the misuse of tanks.

War Thunder claims to offer “Over 140 maps representing the main historical battle theatres.” However, the sheer number of maps in the game contradicts this claim. Additionally, the claim of “choosing from over 2,000 vehicles from the early 20th century to the most modern combat units, in an extensive variety of combat situations many of which are exclusive” feels exaggerated. While the variety of vehicles is commendable, the diversity of combat situations doesn’t seem to match up with the reality of gameplay experiences.

Another claim involves “defending your teammates on the ground from an air raid with anti-aircraft guns,” but in reality, it often translates to defending against revenge bombing or swatting away helicopters like a swarm of flies.

Generically, the claim of “Regular content updates including new vehicles, maps, missions, and nations.” is true, but the quality of these updates has been lacking since the review bombing. I don’t think this is a punishment from Gaijin or some other theory. Personally, I believe that most things from the forum or elsewhere don’t reach the developers until there is media coverage of it. But that’s just my opinion.

Charting a Course for Improvement

To navigate these turbulent skies and breathe new life into War Thunder’s gameplay, we must embark on a journey of transformation:

  • Balance Nations: Harmonize the performance of vehicles across all nations to create a more equitable battlefield.
  • Revamp Matchmaking: Refine matchmaking algorithms to foster fairer and more balanced team compositions.
  • Amplify Community Voices: Actively engage with player feedback and implement meaningful changes based on their experiences.
  • Educate and Empower: Provide comprehensive tutorials and guides to enhance player understanding of vehicle strengths and weaknesses.
  • Forge Alliances: Cultivate a culture of teamwork and communication to elevate strategic gameplay and foster camaraderie.
  • Elevate Updates: Deliver updates with substantial content improvements, breathing new life into the game and reigniting the player’s passion.
  • Unite the Community: Foster a sense of community through engaging events and challenges, forging bonds that transcend the battlefield.

In charting this course for improvement, we can reclaim the skies and forge a War Thunder experience that inspires, challenges, and captivates players anew.

Edit: now has a poll.

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As for the copy-paste of vehicles in War Thunder, it’s a major gripe of mine. It’s downright boring and completely erases the uniqueness of each nation’s independent tech trees. You’ve got Sweden, Germany, Russia, Japan, and China, all with their distinct histories and military developments. But when you see the same vehicles repeated across these nations, it’s a huge letdown. It’s like Gaijin hit “ctrl+c, ctrl+v” and called it a day.

I believe tech trees should only receive these vehicles if and when they genuinely need them to maintain balance or “historical accuracy”. The issue of modeling new vehicle models shouldn’t be an excuse. Get it together, Gaijin. Let’s restore the individuality of each nation’s tech tree and bring back the excitement of discovering unique vehicles.