Assault strangely hard at 5.3-6.3

I know, by the nature of random, some matches you will lose, others win, according to the stars a series of losses/wins can happen, etc but this?

Did something happened to assault that made it harder? The bots still, while moving fast, hit players, moving fast too, at 1.2 km+, they are deflecting shells with their barrels like bats as usual, bots machinegunners can take down player bombers/planes kilometers away, they extinguish fires immediatly, enemy bombers know for sure where you’ll be, etc.

I’ve gotten Maggot’o 4 assaults in a row and yeah, we’ve been done by the 5th or 6th wave. IDK if they tweaked anything, but I think they might have increased the number of bots in each group.

This may be a little late, and I’m new “in the business” - have 110 days or so now, but I do mostly play assault so far. By my observation, it’s a tie between people not knowing when to do what, and others simply ignoring everything as long as they’re high on the kill list. Just look at the bot planes: the more there are circling and killing players, the less people actually want to win.

Nine days ago I bought three already researched SPAAs. In a fit of insanity, I decided to get all the necessary upgrades for them. Maybe it’s me, but I have experienced next to no wins. No idea how many rounds I played, I had to upgrade mostly with matches yielding a few hundred points, if that. Just to have something other than boredom while waiting for the one or two planes per wave, I just broke out my trusty Tiger E and got Maginot. Guess what, nobody did anything about the planes, the spawn area had about as many craters as the moon and those bloody ugly prototype Narvals which were so bad not even the French wanted them had bombed me three times. By the time the game was lost, there were eight or ten, I think.

The WT Wiki article about assault outlines the wave sequence, although I don’t think many read it. You see heavy bombers on waves with light or medium tanks, but once the heavies come there’s at least one clown fooling around in a fighter not doing anything useful except crashing the plane into enemy tanks (if they manage to hit something). I’ve given up trying to understand this.

That’s the whole key to win, I think. Shoot down the enemy planes during easy waves, bomb the heavies, take cover, aim, fire, hit.