Assault strangely hard at 5.3-6.3

I know, by the nature of random, some matches you will lose, others win, according to the stars a series of losses/wins can happen, etc but this?

Did something happened to assault that made it harder? The bots still, while moving fast, hit players, moving fast too, at 1.2 km+, they are deflecting shells with their barrels like bats as usual, bots machinegunners can take down player bombers/planes kilometers away, they extinguish fires immediatly, enemy bombers know for sure where you’ll be, etc.

I’ve gotten Maggot’o 4 assaults in a row and yeah, we’ve been done by the 5th or 6th wave. IDK if they tweaked anything, but I think they might have increased the number of bots in each group.