Assault Squadron Activity

Went to finish my 360 after the update this morning, and noticed that activity doesn’t seem to be generating for me on assault modes anymore.Logged in with 211 and was still at 211 when I checked 4 games later. Anyone else notice this? Did they turn off the ability to generate squadron activity in the assault modes with this update?


Just had 3 guys mention it in ours. I’m at 360 so couldn’t check. Sorry was just told I misunderstood your post so ignore that, wasnt sure if same issue

same here, stuck at 136/360. had 3 games which usually would be enough to get me to 360, still at 136. all squadron vehicles already researched, don’t know if it has anything to do with it.

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Aye just made another post trying to explain it, see if it gets picked up as this was the only topic I found with search

I just left an air assault game and i didn’t get any rewards at all (lost around wave 10), no RP or SL but got a SL booster

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Same here, won Air Assault and got boosters, but zero research points ???

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Tried again, won, got nothing (except -20k in respawns)

gonna try Tank and Heli PvE, to see if they’re also borked.

Ground Assault worked properly for me a few hours ago.

Heyy, i played assault air arcade and no RP since the new update !
Is it a Bug or a change from Gaijn ?

yup, ground and Helis are fine, just Air Assault that seems to be broken rn

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Nope, played 5 matches in AB ground, my squadron activity did not change at all. Stuck at 288/360 and 80% activity.

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mb, should have clarified I was talking about SL/RP rewards


though I haven’t moved from 341/360 sq/rp in any mode, that seems to be broken completely according to another thread.

it’s after DT and I can’t score activity - game seems to work fine, rewards show but no squadron activity - and I’ve got one last squadron vehicle I’m working on, so that isn’t it…


exactly the same problem here. plus not getting any squadron activity points either.

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0/360 and after 3 game still 0/360. i think gaijin need to fix this

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Was it even intended to be counted in the first place?

I always thought it was just the main battles it counted, not PvE modes. The ‘Random battles’ in particular.

It is not exclusive to this game mode, noticing entire squadron is not accumulating, and decided to test out several game modes, as it stands, this is also not accumulating for ground realistic and also in naval arcade… so this must not be intended…

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Nice, I hadn’t checked anything else but a LOT of people were mentioning Assault mode being their test. xD

0/360 after several ground RBs.
Nice one. Was kicked all the by messed up EAC yesterday now that’s fixed I can’t get activity points. Also getting hard and soft freezes when using Binoculars. This update is broken for sure…

Same here. Squad Members called that out pretty quickly after the Update dropped yesterday.
There are now a lot of Bug Reports that the activity is stuck and they have acknowlegded that it is an issue.

Hopefully the fix that soon, otherwise with the new 3 day limit starting today no one will be able to accumulate points.

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