Assault ground is not working

assault ground is not working for a few days now, i just cunts time waiting and there is no numbers for players waiting, all in zeros


Is it possible that you do not have the full range of servers selected when you queue? This sounds like a strange issue. You’re saying that you queue up and basically you never get a game? What’s the longest you’ve waited?

its not new bug or whatever , but i wait for a few minutes then restart, but the problem is that you cant get into match and server numbers are all 0, they are never ever 0

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That sounds pretty strange. I am not 100% sure what could be causing that issue. Are you able to queue for other game modes and the server numbers aren’t all zero, and you can find a match?

I tried to do some research on the issue on your behalf and couldn’t seem to find anyone mentioning the same issue in the past. I did find some people mentioning having connection problems, but if you’re still connecting to the game and able to play other modes then I’m not sure it would be that.

In any case, I’d double check your network settings, firewall settings, etc. I found this support article that mentions the appropriate ports that must be open. Not positive if it’s related to that, but thought I’d include it for you to try anyway.

thanks for your trouble, i can play all other mods and they work just fine i did find mention of this problem here on the forum.

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I noticed that you don’t get the number of players in the queue right away, but then it will start to show them right before it starts the match.
Yes assault wait times have gotten a lot worse since the server update. Sometimes over 5 minutes. Feels like waiting for a naval game.
They must have done some “optimization”. Plenty of players online and there aren’t any special events to chase. PVE just doesn’t make Gaijin any money…